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Sep 11, 2013 08:17 AM

Private dining - 50 people - not too stuffy

I am having problems finding a room of this size at a decent restaurant that is good for foodies, but not too stuffy. We are a fun company looking to have a very nice celebratory dinner for about 45 people. We'd like to keep it downtown, or at least not above 60th street. There are many foodies in the group and I have a healthy budget, but need to keep it under 10K including open bar.

Any ideas? Del Posto is a little too pricey, Locanda Verde would have been great but is booked on my date. In the past we've done these at places like Peasant, Raoul's, Aurora in Williamsburg, La Esquina in Williamsburg, Russian Samovar. Any ideas are welcome! thanks!

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  1. Da Ciro has a nice upstairs room and the food, Italian, Is excellent.

    1. I went to an amazing party of about 50-60people at scott conant's "culinary loft" (his restaurant is scarpetta), the space was great and the open kitchen was fun. They did passed apps and champagne bf dinner and a wine pairing.
      More info here: