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Sep 11, 2013 07:23 AM

Party with food trucks - and drinks?

A close friend is in the early stages of planning a wedding for next summer, and I told her I'd help research. I'm not sure if what she envisions is even possible - hopefully some of you can help.

Basically, she would like to get married outdoors and hire a few local food trucks instead of a traditional caterer. I thought a state park would be a good idea, but apparently they don't allow any alcohol.

My question is - is a wedding like this possible? At this point, the couple is pretty open to location - anywhere in the greater Boston area (or as far as southern New Hampshire or Maine) would be considered. They're on something of a budget, which is why they're going this route, and I'm guessing the wedding will have about 100 people.

Thanks for any guidance I can pass along.

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  1. anything is possible as far as the food trucks but very few states allow open containers of alcohol in public.

    1. I used to work in the event planning industry and you just need to find an outdoor venue that has a liquor license, and allows you to bring in your own caterer. There are a few of those around, but discussions of venues is off topic for Chowhound (although I'd recommend looking at the sites Woodman's lists on its site because they include a lot of places that are geared towards outdoor events.)

      Good luck, and when you are looking for advice on which local trucks to hire, do head back here because that IS on topic here!

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        One other idea... if you already have some food trucks in mind, contact them now to discuss the idea, because they may have been hired for private events already and know which venues allow this sort of thing.

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          This is what I was going to say. I'd narrow down the food trucks first and task them with providing guidance on where they can and can't serve (this is something they probably have a lot of experience). Not sure on pricing, but I suspect budgets may restrict you to just one truck. This is a good one.

        2. Order a beer dispensing truck from Ipswich brewery and book this location below, good times will be had.

          You will need general liability event coverage and liquor liability as well for the city of Salem.

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            "and that parties bring small quantities of alcoholic beverages (beer and wine only) to an event for personal consumption only."

            does a beer truck qualify as a small amount? lol.

            if one person leaves the event and gets involved in a dui, the bride and groom would be liable.

          2. Was at a backyard wedding this weekend with a BBQ food truck and it was unique and awesome.