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Sep 11, 2013 07:03 AM


I was recently at a Sprouts market that opened in my area. I couldn't quite get what they are going for. Prices were cheap for this area (Marin/Sonoma), lots of bulk items, smaller meat department, many brands I'm not familiar with. Anyone know about them? How's the quality? Thanks!

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  1. I love Sprouts. Their prices are low for what they're selling, their produce is top notch, and everything I've bought there has been good. They're kind of like a collision between the best parts of Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

    the selection isn't good enough to do all my shopping there, but what I can buy there I do.

    1. When we lived in Thousand Oaks, we had one near by. Meat was in general pretty good. I often found items not normaly seen in the chain markets. They also often had good deals on on seafood. I wasn't as wild about their prepared items like sausages. Produce was hit and miss. I think their bread and butter is their bulk\bin items. They had one of the better selection in this area that I've seen.

      1. I go to Sprouts, then fill in other purchases at a regular grocery store. I like Sprouts' bulk bins--including teas and spices--nice way to try something without committing to a whole lot at once.

        I usually skip the whole pharmacy/supplements aisles--just not my thing.

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          You're right about the advantage of the bulk spices. I forgot about them. It's great to buy the quantity that's right for your own style of cooking so you can use them up quickly. And bulk also gives you the opportunity to experiment with new things.

          LOVE having a Penzeys not too far away but I get a lot from Sprout's bulk spices when I don't have more reason to drive 20 minutes than just Penzey's.

        2. They used to be Henry's, a small kinda limited, 'cus the stores are small, organic and bulk stuff WF or TJ's thingie.

          1. We have Sprouts in Los Angeles (tho they were Henry's when they first opened). I like it tho I go to Sprouts after Trader Joe's.

            I think their meats and deli are really good. I go mostly for the bulk stuff which is much more extensive than Whole Foods. And, as you noted, their prices are much lower than WF.

            Other than that, the produce is much the same as other markets, the cheese less extensive than TJs or WF selections, the packaged foods much less diverse than WF and not quite so interesting as TJs tho they do have more choices than TJs for the most part and most of all in the baking goods category.