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Sep 11, 2013 06:42 AM

Large Tables!!!

I'm hoping some 'hounds can help me. I'm looking for a restaurant in North Jersey that has a round or square table large enough to seat 12 to 16 or more. We have a group that gets together every few months and we end up with a bunch of 4 tops pushed together and one end can't even hear the other end. We've all known each other for years and the conversation can be as important as the food. Tell you what I'll increase the search area to include the Shore from Sea Bright to Point Pleasant, we'll happily spend our dollars to "restore the shore."

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  1. Not sure if this fits the bill, but it came to mind.. I remember eating at one in Boston Chinatown some years ago, and I remember the round table (with the spinning condiment station in middle) was HUGE. Largest round table I'd ever seen.

    Lodi and East Hanover locations.

    1. I am a huge fan of Fernandes in Newark. I have had many larger parties there over 20 people. They have an upstairs room that accommodates large parties.

      There are a bunch of places but I love that restaurant, the food, the decor, the service,etc.

      1. Chengdu 1 in cedar grove or Chengdu 23 in Wayne (unrelated but both EXCELLENT Szechuan spots) have v lg round tables--and both are BYO

        1. Thank you for the feed back. I did look at Penang and Chendu but some of the others passed on Oriental foods. I also found a rather large table for 16 in an upstairs room at Marco Polo in Summit that could work. I do have until the beginning of November to find something so I think I'll give a look at Jersey City since everyone in the group grew up there.

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            Just a FYI, if you requested for a restaurant to push 4 square
            4 tops together not in a line, but to form a larger square, you can seat 4 people comfortable on each side and have a very accommodating arrangement for cross talking. You should just ask if they will do that arrangement.

            1. re: jrvedivici

              We have tried that and with only one exception they all refused, on the grounds that it took up too much room. Most restaurants these days are not large open spaces and putting 4 tops in a square can interfere with the 'flow' of the place, making it very difficult for the servers. The one that did do it was an outdoor deck and we were back in a corner, which was fine but not a good idea in November.

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                I'm honestly surprised for a party of that size they wouldn't accommodate that request. My other suggestion was going to be to try a hibachi restaurant as most of their tables will accommodate large parties.....but I believe you said asian food was not in favor with your friends. Sorry, keep trying!

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                  Piccola Italia in Ocean gave me the 4 tables in a square in a separate room for 16 people in August. We had an excellent dinner with everyone able to see and speak to everyone else.

                  1. re: Bossa_Nova

                    Piccola Italia is a very good restaurant, I would strongly recommend them.

          2. Porta in Asbury has a room that would work for you, not sure if Porta is what you are looking for though