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Sep 1, 2004 07:47 PM

Austin for a day

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Hey, y'all! Great website. I just spent the last 3 hours going through postings and got some great ideas for my trip to Austin later this month. We are only going to be there for a day and a friend told me about a place near the convention center called Mongolian BBQ that we HAD to visit. It's supposed to be across the street from P.F. Chang's and she says it's very good. Can anyone enlighten me on this place so, in case it's not that great I don't waste one of my three or four meals going there. BTW I'm looking forward to the view/sunset and drinks at the Oasis, after all the hype it has gotten here! Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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  1. Mongolian? I wouldn't waste my meal there. It's a "do it yourself" kinda place. You go through a cafeteria-style line with veggies/meats and fill your bowl. Then there's a sauces station where you can mix and match garlic/soy/terri/hot sauce to your liking. Then you hand it to the guy who stir fries it on a big inverted wok. If you don't like it, it's basically your fault, but still, i wouldn't waste one of MY four meals in Austin there. (then again, I wouldn't go to the oasis for a meal either - drinks only if you absolutely MUST go)

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      I agree....skip Mongolian BBQ in Austin. They don't do anything here that you can't do at your house. That said, I have seen this concept done very well in Ann Arbor, Michigan, though I forget the name of the place. At that one, it was a more polished look with about 8 - 10 folks doing the cooking on a huge inverted wok. They were throwing things in the air, juggling their huge cooking "chop sticks", and they still managed to turn out a good product even with the entertainment (but again, you pick the ingredients and seasoning).

      But I do disagree with amysue on the Oasis, as you can tell by my prior posts. It's not a great restaurant, and the drinks aren't spectacular, but they are good enough that they don't ruin that view ;-) I always have a relaxing, enjoyable time when I go there (which is fewer than a handful of times a summer....there are just some days when drinks at the lake call to me :)

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        Thanks for the advice, guys!! I'll plan on something else for dinner, as I found LOTS of great suggestions on this message board! Thanks again ;)

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          Penni, have you been to Austin yet? If so, I'm going in October and would love to hear your report...hope it went well.

    2. Mongolian BBQ is the same everywhere. Supposedly it originated in the days of the Mongol warriors when the cooks that traveled with the army chopped up everything, meat, veggies, etc., and dumped them along with some seasonings onto the warrior's shields that they then held over the bonfires and cooked.

      I've literally had it all over the world, and it's the same. So I agree with others here when they recommend that while visiting Austin, you have something unique to Austin.

      It's quite possible that your friend who suggested Mongolian BBQ had never had it before and so was duly impressed with the concept. You didn't mention where you're coming to Austin from but if it's a city of any size at all, I'm sure you've got some Mongolian BBQ places there. It is fun, and can be quite good. So you might check around your own neighborhood.