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Sep 11, 2013 05:58 AM

Bartending/Drink Making Courses

I dont want formal training - but was curious if you knew of any local places (in Boston/Cambridge) to go for a cocktail making class. Thought it would be a fun anniversary gift for us to learn.

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  1. boston center for adult education has some upcoming seminars.

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      And last I checked they are taught by a fellow named Domingo-Martin Barreres, who I found a very pleasant fellow when he was at Market by Jean-Georges.

    2. I used to do the classes at ArtBar but the guy teaching them left - definitely still looking out for others. Market also just announced some:

      1. The Boston Shaker store in Davis Square offers some really high quality how-to ones:

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          I'll add my vote for Boston Shaker. I took the "craft cocktail techniques" class (basically an intro to making a good cocktail) and learned a ton. It dramatically improved my (then-limited) skills.

          Class sizes are small (maybe 8 people?), so you get plenty of time for hands-on experience and questions.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Tavern Road has a series of one-off cocktail-making classes scheduled for the next few months: