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Sep 11, 2013 05:47 AM

Jing Chuan - Szechuan in Hazlet, NJ

Has anybody tried any of the Szechuan dishes at this Chinese/Szechuan restaurant in Airport Plaza on Route 36 in Hazlet?

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  1. I went there one time and I liked it. I had tea smoked duck that was very tasty. I think this is under Szechuan dishes but it was not spicy at all. I will definitely be back. Prices are decent and the service awesome.

    Our waitress was so nice. Normally in places like this people are either too shy or don't care to speak to you (or simply can't speak English well.) She actually was very talkative and spoke to me about different regional dishes from China. She even brought me some pickled cabbage of some sort that was really good. There are a TON of good looking dishes on that menu that I need to explore.

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      I kind of find this funny.. "Jing Chuan" has no mention of "Szechuan" in the title, yet a place like "Little Szechuan" in Little Silver does, and yet really doesn't serve true Szechuan cuisine. Which is actually a pet peeve of mine as well.

      It's like nearly EVERY Thai restaurant has "Thai" or "Siam" in the name.. so you know what you're going to get. I hate going to a place that has a national or regional cuisine in the name, only to find out they don't actually serve that type of food.

      Okay, looked at that menu.. at first I was.. okay, ordinary Chinese menu, with the exception of Dan Dan noodles, which is to Szechuan/Sichuan as Pad Thai is to Thai, in my opinion. Then I scroll down.. and man, what a plethora of dishes. I liked the fact that many didn't even have English names, yet were accurately described (and love the photos!)

      So, I am thinking.. this.. THIS is a place worthy of a Chowhound get-together. I'm going to check my calendar, i.e., my wife, and post a date.

      Thanks to Bosmer for posting the link!

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          is this located at the location where it used to be called "Kuala Lumpur" and then "Coconut Forrest (i think)" ?

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            It probably is. They keep changing names.

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              Yes, same location. It was the Coconut for a while but recently changed.

          2. I went for lunch. It is the real deal.

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              The dan dan Noodles look so good...

              1. re: Tapas52

                note: the pic isnt from this restaurant but just to show what
                DAN DAN Noodles look like...

            2. I have been having lunches at jing chuan several times a week....outside of west lake in matawan, I feel this is the best Chinese food one can get in the area! The menu features many authentic dishes, aside from the typical American style Chinese. Each dish has it's own flavor, unlike so many that use an "all purpose" sauce...usually tasteless. The service is excellent as well as is the food. For those who have yet to try this restaurant, I do highly recommend it! Another note to validate my claim: more often then not, at least half of the patrons are Chinese. This is the best sign. Please give this fine restaurant a will be back!

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                I was there a few nights ago. Was it me or did they streamline the menu? They definitely changed it and there are a lot less pictures. Maybe it just seems smaller now.

                And yes, the food is good here.