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Boston's best food truck

Boston's best food truck

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      1. re: C. Hamster

        I know chubby does a great truck business. He leaves out of washington street in canton and does little or no walk in business. Food must taste better off a truck when someone is on a short lunch hour.
        I've seen several on this board cut up sysco chicken. Guess what trucks I see delivering to chubby?

          1. re: C. Hamster

            So sysco chicken is terrible unless it's on a food truck which you endorse?

            1. re: libertywharf

              To be honest, Sysco deliveries are not a 'scarlet letter'. Many small businesses use Sysco, U.S. foods (the other Sysco), and the Resteraunt Depot (a sort of brick and mortar Sysco truck), to provide for both pantry items, and mains. While I get the criticism of the vendor, it's the end result (what's done with the final product) that counts. Mind you I also get Libertywharf's point, just not sure why Chubby's is the source for his ire? I bet most trucks use those big 3 provisioners though, and all do the same service

              1. re: devilham

                I don't have a problem with sysco, I'm just making a point that some on this board have had issues with it in the past.
                Even so my post about chubby is just my opinion and my observations. Their retail store is always empty.

                1. re: devilham

                  This point will be moot soon anyway. The Chubby Chickpea truck is going kosher.

                  1. re: devilham

                    Also, even among the food items, Sysco has different "levels" of quality.

                    I don't think they are *necessarily* a scarlet letter, either. It is how they use it. I do, however, think it is totally fair when someone knocks, say, Tia's for just putting out Sysco junk. Presumably, most of us knows what is meant by that.

                    1. re: Alcachofa

                      Sysco delivers to Mistral several times a week.

                      1. re: C. Hamster

                        Yup, even fine dining establishments that I have worked at use Sysco or US Foods as I said for pantry items (flour, sugar, salt, corn starch, etc.) and then specialty food houses for other items (Acardi and Sons, Sid Weiner, etc.) that are of quality.

              1. re: ebone

                Agree, and it's not close. The innovation in this sector, beyond these guys, has gone downhill.

                For everyday healthier stuff, Bon Me is good, as are a few Momogoose options (although mixed with some not good ones).

              2. The answer was Staff Meal when those guys were still around.

                It's probably Mei Mei, but I wouldn't argue with anyone that said Chicken & Rice Guys.

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                1. re: mkfisher

                  Then don't argue with me Mkfisher! I love the Chicken and Rice Guys lamb dish, and the hot sauce is freaking good (and spicey!). I think BoneDaddy's Burgers are pretty credible too. Captain Marsden's Seafood truck is ALSO pretty freaking good. I actually have a hard time picking a favorite from those three.

                  1. re: devilham

                    I won't argue about the lamb from C&R. It's substantially better than the chicken. The hot sauce is indeed quite hot. It's a real science to balance out your bbq/mayo/hot sauce ratios.

                    1. re: mkfisher

                      The lamb is way better than the chicken, for sure.

                    1. re: mats77

                      I forget the name, but the beef tongue burrito with Fritos was one of the five best things I ate in all of 2012

                      1. re: mkfisher

                        That would most likely be an Irene (named for one of the proprietors of Mei Mei). The protein (and version #) varied, but it was always an offal chili with fritos.

                        I miss bringing one item from one of those trucks to the other to have them make a mashup on the fly. Staff Meal chili in between scallion pancakes and Mei Mei dumplings in a burrito (yeah, I did it) are things I will always miss.

                        Incidentally, the truck that was Staff Meal has been re-wrapped and will be the Bacon Truck once that gets on the roads.

                        1. re: DrewStarr

                          The question is, where are the Staff Mealers now? They were going to open a brick-n-mortar location--what happened to that?

                          Never even remotely thought of doing a mash-up! That's great!! How did you first do that?

                          Bacon Truck--it might be great, but the name alone just reminds of what's wrong with most food trucks here: they're just rolling gimmicks.

                          1. re: Alcachofa

                            Adam and Patrick spent some time together doing a popup they called Rising Sun Tavern. Patrick is now running the kitchen at a country club and Adam helps him on occasion. I have strong reason to believe we haven't seen the last of the entity formerly known as Staff Meal.

                            I can't take credit for the first truck menu mash-up, it was something the two trucks were already doing and bragging about on twitter. One would feed the other staff meal (intentionally lowercase), and the other would jazz it up by incorporating it with whatever they had on truck. It was that kind of on-the-fly creativity that got me really into the truck scene and reawakened me from a food-related social media slumber.

                    2. re: mkfisher

                      Working in the same kitchen as those guys was the best ever. Nothing better than to head into the walk-in and see sheet pans full of animal skulls with their faces peeled off

                      1. Mei Mei and Bon Me! Clover's not bad, too.

                        1. Mei Mei is catering my wedding, so my answer should be evident.
                          I also really like the less talked about truck, The Dining Car. I hear great things about Pennypackers from those whose opinions I trust, but live and work nowhere near their two semi-permanent locations.

                            1. re: crimsonca

                              What do you like at The Dining Car? I went once and was quite underwhelmed by my sandwich.

                              1. re: mkfisher

                                I've only managed to catch them a few times, and have had good experiences. The dish that stands out was a great beefy chili on a jalapeno corn bread that had the mild sweetness of a good northern cornbread but was closer to the denser texture of a southern version. I want it right now with this weather.

                                1. re: mkfisher

                                  Did you have the honey truffled goat cheese sandwich and/or the crispy cauliflower? I enjoyed those.

                                  That made for a $12 lunch, which is pretty much the main reason I have not been back. That also reminds me of the laughable comment by the owner of Max's Deli, about how he thinks the food trucks are all under-cutting his prices since trucks have lower overhead. HA!

                                  1. re: Alcachofa

                                    Price is definitely one reason Food Trucks aren't in my regular rotation. The others are wait times (Clover is really irritating on this score - I frequently hear some twit using placing an order as an opportunity to engage in a 30 minute discourse on sustainable beet farming, etc., and the staff don't do much to discourage this). Then there's the health factor - most of what I want (and what they have) is fried, or loaded with delicious meat. I usually end up at my old haunts, as a result.

                                    Staff was my favorite, and I'd say Mei Mei is my current favorite of the bunch. I did like Biryani Park, too, but haven't been in a while (and it is not as good as getting the stuff fresh in the restaurant).

                                2. re: crimsonca

                                  I think Dining Car would get my vote as well. I've had some really good sandwiches there. And roast cauliflower.

                                  I'm a big fan of Bon Me, although on occasion the braised chicken special of the day is somewhat clumsily prepared.

                                  Mei Mei, I have a very small sample size for. It's just never around when I need food. So I can't comment.

                                3. I guess Clover, maybe, sometimes, a little bit. They have good coffee and for one week they had good donuts. I'm lucky to work in a neighborhood with plenty of lunch options, so I'm not a fan of the trucks -- seems like they're pretty pricey. If I've got four $4 banh mi places close by, don't see why I'd pay twice that at a truck.