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Sep 10, 2013 10:51 PM

Thinking about Mexican and S. American in KC

Kansas City has a lot of great Mexican and several good S. Am restaurants, here's my list - please add to it.

El Pollo Rey, KS Ave, KCK, Mexican - best smoky grilled chicken ever

El Camino Real, 7th 7 Baltimore, KCK, Mexican - tacos al pastor please, THANK YOU!

El Matador, Merriam Dr. KCK, Mexican (american) great little diner, super friendly owners, great micheladas, try the tripe tacos medium-crispy (omg) and the guacamole

El Pulgarcito, Shawnee KS, El Salvadorean, great diner, excellent pupusas, super good soups

El Porton, Mission & 435, OvPk, Venezuelan, arepas, steak, great desserts. They were byob, not sure if this is still the case.

Birrieria Michoacana, Kansas Ave & 7th St KCK, Mexican, the birria is amazing, flowery chile broth, tender lamb, chivo, beef, they serve all kinds.

El Fogon Del Taqueria, 104th & Metcalf OvPk, Mexican, very good fast food place for street-style tacos and sandwiches, and note the location, no driving to KCK for us southerners.

El Salvadoreno, old downtown OvPk, El Salvadorean, nice place for pasteles and a glass of wine after the farmer's market.

Sure I am missing some, these are my favorites. Please fill me in.

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  1. I was in KC about a month ago. A friend took me to Bonito Michoacan in Olathe. It's mostly a grocery store but has a food court kinda thing inside complete with ice cold beer.

    I pointed to a large roasted hunk of meat and asked "what is that?"
    "I'll have 3 lamb tacos and a Sol, please".

    Really, really good tacos.

    1. So all these are on the other side of the state line? None in the MO precincts?

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        I don't get over to MO all that much other than midtown/downtown. I do go to Panchos on main from time to time, it's pretty darn good for what it is, a cheap and fast burrito - taco place, good breakfast burritos, avocado green salsa. Not fancy at all and 10 years ago a crackhead ineffectually tried to mug me in the parking lot.