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Sep 10, 2013 08:08 PM

Recommendations for 30th birthday dinner

I'm looking for any suggestions to take my boyfriend out to dinner for his 30th would like a place with amazing food (possibly fun place), and are a bit of foodies. I would like to surprise him with a new restaurant. Do not have a price range. Thank you for the help!

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  1. When is this birthday? How far ahead are you planning?

    What other restaurants does he like? Favorite foods or cuisines?

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    1. re: kathryn

      I'm a little late in the planning unfortunately. Enjoys French very much. Have been to per se, Daniel, Jean George. Planning for next Monday. Thank you for your help!
      willing to try something new and fun

      1. re: andre0107

        Have you been to the Modern before? Their chef leaves at the end of the year. Might be a good time to try it:

        1. re: kathryn

          Yes have been the twice was a bit disappointed last time I went

          1. re: andre0107

            The NoMad has some early and late tables for Monday. Maybe the fireplace room?

        2. re: andre0107

          I was going to suggest Atera but if it's for Monday they are closed. If you are looking for great food there is availability at Jean George. You could give Betony a call but Opentable isn't showing availability,n ot sure if they put all on line, if available it would be a great choice.

          1. re: Spiritchaser

            It's amazing how one article can change lives of many people in this case, Betony.

            1. re: Monica

              I had been to Betony before the article I think you are refferring to and absolutely fell in love with the place. Although the review has been a great thing for them it's a sad thing for me because it's harder to get a rez now : ).

              1. re: Spiritchaser

                Thank you so much for all the help! Has anyone gone to eat or heard about tocqueville?

                1. re: andre0107

                  You are going to get a lot of positve response regarding Tocqueville, it is well liked on this board but I am not that fond of it, IMO, food is good/very good but not great, the room is boring, and the service has never been anything more than good (we gave it 3 tries and won't be returning).

                  I would go to Picholine in a heartbeat, love that place.

                  1. re: Spiritchaser

                    Between picholine and betony which one would you recommend?

                    1. re: andre0107

                      Oh that's tough...but since it is so new and so fresh in my memory I'm going to have to go with Betony. Plus, I think Betony "reads" younger than Picholine and they have a really nice bar to enjoy a drink if you get there early. If you go with Betony ask to be seated downstairs.

                  2. re: andre0107

                    Tocqueville is quite good but very sedate.

                    For something new and fun, with a younger crowd, consider Le Philosophe, where an ex-Jean-Georges/Daniel chef is serving some the best classic French food in NYC at the moment.

                    1. re: H Manning

                      Sounds great will look into it also, thanks!

            2. re: andre0107

              If you like French, Picholine can be an option.
              (It is currently closed but will reopen on Sep. 13)

              If you like caviar & sea urchin incorporated into French (or New American) cuisine, Caviar Russe is another good one. Its executive chef Chris Agnew is very talented, American born, ex-sous chef of Adour Alain Ducasse and Alain Ducasse at the Essex House.

              1. re: kosmose7

                Sounds wonderful will look into it