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Sep 10, 2013 07:46 PM

Guilford, Madison, shoreline area

I was up for the weekend but didn't really get to explore much much as I was staying at my friend's parent's house.

I noticed when we were driving around that there were quite a few restaurants on the Post Rd. but they all looked closed? This was driving down to Bishop's Orchard through Madison and Guilford and back on Saturday afternoon. Do these places only open for dinner? With the exception of Madison's town center, each place I spotted with the exception of one or two, including The Place, seemed eerily quiet in the middle of the day. :)

I also saw two food trucks in a park but they weren't doing any business either!

North of Madison, what good food places or roadside stands to explore, maybe in Clinton or Westbrook or further past?

Does Branford have good shoreline restaurants?

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  1. Lenny and Joe's fishtales off 95..I think in Madison..the best lobster clams etc

    1. Several good causal spots north of Madison. Lobster Landing in Clinton, Haywire, Ed's Place, and Bill's all in Westbrook, and Alforno in Old Saybrook. For more upscale Bar Buchee in Madison, Café Rouiter in Westbrook, Liv's in Old Saybrook, Gabrielle's in Centerbrook, and Le Petit Café in Branford.

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        All good references, but actually East of Madison (I-95 road signs to the contrary!)

        In Madison, add Elizabeths, at 885 Post Rd.

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          You are right all are East of Madison I said North as that was what Mushroomaffiars had indicated in his post. What can you tell me about Elizabeths, we've never been. Food, ambience, service? Thanks

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              Elizabeths is a cozy little place that grew as an offshoot to a catering service. We ate there several times (last was over a year ago), and although their menu is not expansive we both found dishes that fit our tastes. Service was friendly despite close quarters. Website at

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            I agree on JD's suggestions and would add Fresh Salt and Red Hen in Old Saybrook. The Lenny and Joe's in Westbrook is generally better than the Madison L&J's. Westbrook has waitress service and isn't as frenetic as Madison which does not. Also, great pizza at Brickhouse Pizza in Westbrook right across the street from Lenny and Joe's.

          2. Lobster Landing in Branford is one of the best lobster rolls around, great grilled clams too!

            Skip lenny & joes and go across the street to the Clam Castle for great fried seafood.

            Finally if you want a truly great meal, Le Petite Cafe in Branford has been one of the best French restaurants in the state for many years, Prix fixe menu, everything made in house, nice wine list, Roy is a really great host and chef.

              1. Thanks so much! I mapped out all the restaurants' locations as I'm heading back this weekend. I saw Lenny and Joes but didn't see Clam Castle. Good that they're neck in neck to each other.

                Le Petit Café is on my futures' list. :)

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                  Clam castle is across from the L & J's in Madison