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Non-Pork Broth Ramen Shops in LA?

Hi guys! New to chowhound, but I've often gotten a lot of questions answered from these forums during google searches. However this one I figured, I'd ask myself.

I'll be visiting some friends in LA in October, and we wanted to get ramen. Now I have a dietary restriction that eliminates pork and pork byproducts. Do any of you have any recommendations for places that serve non pork broths? Or would be willing to substitute their vegetarian broth for the pork broth, if they have one?

Thanks in advance! I'm near about DC and my ramen experience has been severely limited to the vegetarian ramen at Daikaya, but it was delicious nonetheless.

Also any other general recommendations are welcome :)

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  1. Where do your friends live/where are you staying?

    Without getting into all the various awesome ramen options, my fiancee is also a vegetarian and is a big fan of the vegetable ramen at Robata Jinya. Not positive but I think they also have a chicken broth variation. They also have great non-ramen options. I would assume that the other Jinya ramen locations have the vegetable option as well.

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      We'd be near about Burbank for the most part I believe. Thank you! I'll call and inquire then :)

      1. re: trishna87

        The chicken ramen at the Ramen Jinya in Studio City is very good indeed.

        1. re: chrishei

          +1, The Studio City location of Jinya has never done me wrong and they do a great chicken broth ramen with great chicken wontons and chashu.

          1. re: Johnny L

            I'd have to skip the chashu likely, but that's two votes for Jinya :)

            1. re: trishna87

              They do chicken chashu at least when I ate there over a year ago.

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                Johnny L is right, the chashu should be chicken in the chicken ramen.

    2. Iroha has two locations, Marukai Market food court on Artesia Blvd in Gardena, and Marukai food court Costa Mesa. They are known for their chicken based broth. Be sure not to include Chashu pork in your order.

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        Ok I'll definitely make a note of these locations! Thank you :)

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          If I'm not mistaken, even those chicken broths have a skoshe bit of pork in them.

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            oph. Well I guess I'll actually call and ask them about it :)

        2. Yamadaya serves a non pork broth ramen.

          I can't speak to the flavor or quality, but it exists.

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              The shoyu and shio at Yamadaya are very good and chicken and fish based. Clear and flavorful. I preferred it to the pork version before I stopped going all together after my first bowl at Ramen Zetton.

              Ramen Zetton does chicken and vegetarian but is all the way down in Costa Mesa.

              1. re: Porthos

                The chicken broth at the Yamadaya in Culver City was quite good in my opinion.

          1. Sorry to hear about the pork ban...what's the nature/reason for that (is it a religious restriction?). Or does the restriction include other 'red meats' as well?

            I only ask because I'm genuinely curious, especially since these days pork (even if it's not very lean pork) is so often considered to be a healthier choice than beef (I've drastically cut back on all meat myself but my own physician has told me that if I must eat read meat, I'm actually better off with pork).

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              yeah it's more a religious restriction. But I prefer chicken to most other meats anyways :) I do eat beef, lamb and all that, but less often than poultry.

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                Red meat ?

                I thought pork was white meat ?

                1. re: kevin

                  LOL. That's effective marketing!

                  Actually, it depends on the cut, I suppose...the loin is considerably whiter in color than, say, the shoulder which can appear as red as beef.

              2. Ikemen in Hollywood does a nice chicken version

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                    ok that seems excellent! Thank you :)

                  2. I'm in the same boat as you. Ikemen does a great vegetarian miso broth, in addition to their chicken broth. If you're willing to branch out into udon, Marugame Monzo uses bonito (fish) broth and that place is awesome.

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                      Shoot. In that case, I really have to hit up Monzo for the fish broth udon. And our fearless Jgold just reviewed it earlier today. Not that anyone here cares.

                      1. re: kevin

                        I do. I hate the crowds that rush over to a place simply because JGold reviewed it. I'm surprised his review came out a month after other reviews have already been written about them.

                        Go for dinner. Went to lunch the other Saturday, and was surprised that the menu given was truncated: only 3 apps and less choices of udons (hot, cold and fusion). From JGold's review, it seems dinner is when they offer everything...

                    2. I wonder if you could just go into a Chinese restaurant and order Chicken Soup Noodles? Most good Chinese restaurants in Tokyo serve this, with ramen noodles in an amazingly rich chicken broth. My choice whenever I get a cold.

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                        Best chicken soup noodles would probably be at DTF. Their steamed beef broth with noodles is also very good.

                        Or you could just get pho if we are moving away from ramen.

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                            their chicken soup and clear beef soup are quite good. have not tried them with noodles tho.

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                              I'm thinking more of Dai Ho instead, which is known for their wonderful beef stew noodle soups... a bit pricy, but the original owner was known as the Taiwanese noodle nazi.

                              1. re: TripleAxel

                                The original owner, the "Taiwanese noodle nazi", had sold the joint ?

                                When did he sell it ?

                                Shoot, I was still under the impression that he still owned Dai Ho Kitchen.

                                1. re: kevin

                                  Didn't sell...he passed and after it was close for a period, the family re-opened it. My friend to me this and insisted that this was the place.... Can anyone verify?

                                  Anyhow, had a group of friends there this past weekend. Our bill came out to $18pp, which shocked everyone as we had a family style dinner at a Hakka-Indian place in Artesia the night before and with 9 courses for 11 pp, it was only $14 pp.