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What are the best eats in your hood?

As an extension to globocity's revival of the old thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/597846

I want to know what are the best places to eat in your neighborhood? Nobody knows their neighborhood like those that live there. I'm looking for good food and/or good vistas, and/or good ambiance.

What neighborhood do you live in? What are your favorite places? Any standouts near the border?

Here is my take on my hood:

Solana Beach:

Good places:
1)Claire's on Cedros - food is well prepared. Dishes are well thought out. Quality ingredients. Pleasant and fun atmosphere. Cool inside with nice outdoor patio. Pretty much anything you get is tasty. I would travel to go here.
2)Pizza Port - Fun place. good onsite brews and decent pizza. simply a fun experience. wouldn't come here specifically for the pizza. Wouldn't come specifically for the beer. but I would come for the whole package.
3) Rudy's taco shop. good local taco shop. good street tacos. I'm not sure if I would seek this place out from afar, but it has been nice to have nearby.
4) Station Sushi - My local sushi eatery. Wouldn't travel to go here but it was my go to place while in the area (just just moved). I might not otherwise include it, however, since the point of this post is to tell about the area > I'm including it.

Lot's of decent only places. Lockwood table cafe, Parioli, Bangkok Bay Thai, Quick corner off the 101 > Italian Sub, Robertos, Zinc cafe, Bongiorno's New York Pizzeria (the only place in the area that delivers). I think The Fish Market is technically in Solana beach. IMHO the whole Del Mar strip on Via de la Valle is all pretty good but quite overpriced. Market = good.

The little mexican corridor in Solana beach IMHO is over-rated. Fidels, Tony's Jacal, Don Chuy. They all use an inbred uber tomato salsa similar to one another. I know some that enjoy Fidels. I go there, however, for the fun ambience.

Standouts nearby:
Del mar:
L'Auberge - waterfall terrance - great ambience and good food for brunch
Poseidon (standout for beachfront dining only. food OK. Jakes good too,
however, I prefer the non-window open air
)Il Fornaio (standout for happy hour views. drinks and apps with good
sunset view. Not the premier view but good for the area to switch it up.
occasional live music)
The beach house - food not too good but great outdoor vistas on the
lower level with rocks and beach (and seagulls). upper level is good for
happy hour. Esp in the winter. There is glass that tempers the wind
making it comfortable weather for outdoor happy hour in the winter.
Live music for happy hour.
Pacific coast grill - food better than beach house. patios good but the
place is busier and outdoor seating is less making it more difficult to
get a spot outside.
Chart house - food better but people are always having window fights.
Some want them open, some want them closed. Some want shades
drawn and some do not. I guess I'm a sucker for the outdoor air.
Pipes cafe - local breakfast joint with Big portions.
Bull Taco - Great outdoor place by the water. Food is just OK but cheap
eats by the water in a good way. I'm not burrito man myself, however,
when I go here I find my best bet is the carne asada burrito at this self
proclaimed inauthentic mexcian joint

So..... What's good in your hood?

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  1. Brooklyn Cocktail at Brooklyn Girl. Oysters are good, too, as well as their kale salad.

    Rolled tacos with cheese and guac from MXN.

    Breakfast at Snooz- the pot pie, or Huevos Rancheros with chorizo.

    1. Vinny's Pizza.
      Alpine Brew Pub

      When we are in the mood the non-sushi "sushi" rolls (Tiger rolls and whatnot) we head to Ahi sushi.

      1. San Carlos - nothing good at all. The Trails makes a decent breakfast but nothing to write home about.

        Nearby- West Coast BBQ has great soups and good burgers with BBQ that can be good but is inconsistent. They have an amazing beer selection and pour in 5, 10, 16 and 60 oz servings which makes it easy to find a favorite.

        Tratorria Antica is a board favorite but our last two meals there did not live up to expectations (one was take out)

        Vine Cottage makes nice flatbreads and other bistro type dishes.

        Village House Kalina has good Georgian food similar to Pomegranite.

        Shizuoka has inexpensive bento boxes and is good with the fryer although the Sushi is not great.

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        1. re: JRSD

          San Carlos...Allied Gardens...Del Cerro...NOT A DAMN THING!

          JRSD summed it up about right.

          Windmill Farms makes a good sandwich and Keil's has a really good salad bar. The Fish Bucket just plain sucks.

          1. re: DiningDiva

            @DD have you ever eaten lunch at K&B next door to Windmill Farms? Had lunch there a month ago and was pleasantly surprised.

            1. re: MrKrispy

              I have, but it has been awhile.

              I tend to get ignored in there quite a bit and always end up leaving because of the lack of service.

        2. North County (sorry Carlsbad north only true NC)


          Petite Madeline Bakery – Oceanside
          Chef trained at Chez Panisse. Everything made from scratch. All breads baked in house, Croissantes ...4 days to make. They have great teas great coffees (local as well), and a great staff.

          That Boy Good or TBG BBQ - Oceanside
          Executive chef with a resume as long as your arm, born in Cali, using family recipes from Mississippi. All meats smoked and 90% of the sides as well. My favs Wings smoked then deep fried and tossed in homemade sauce, chicken thigh sandwich..game set match over.

          Panca Peruvian Rotisserie - Oceanside
          The Chicken and sandwiches rock ...but it is all about Chef Iole's more traditional dishes. I know people gush about Q'Eroi but for 1/4 the price and IMO all the flavor you should go here. They have great local beer and wine as well.

          The Privateer - Oceanside
          Though they specialize in wood fired pizza...I would go for the specials. If you think tattoos or that the noise level at Cucina Urbana is off putting please skip andl leave it to locals.


          Red Rooster …Dive Bar with a great Med rare every time $6.95

          Thai …Thai Table. Mom and Dad run the kitchen with sons and daughters running the front. The 10 will make you sweat

          1. Chelan, WA is a tourist destination with tourist prices and almost no good restaurants. There are expensive restaurants, just no restaurants with good food. Vin du Lac is pretty good, but overpriced. La Brisa is adequate for Mexican. That's it! Other than that, you have a choice of Denny's-style variations with different names. Even the iconic main hotel is horrible with horribly high prices and worse wait staff. Won't someone come here and open a decent restaurant? Please?

            1. I live in the north part of University City, aka "La Jolla - UTC" or simply "UTC".

              [list contains no entries]

              Edit: OK, I suppose that Donnovan's is decent on the high end. I've never been to Truluck's, but people seem to like it. I'm OK with Lorna's Italian Kitchen in the middle. When eating locally with the family, however, we end up eating at a few chain restaurants alongside Nobel which are probably not chowish, but OK (I just heard honkman gasp).

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              1. re: RB Hound

                Ever been to Rock Bottom? Head to the village and hit up El Pescador, Public House or Prep Kitchen.

                1. re: cstr

                  Have you ever eaten at Rock Bottom ?

                  1. re: honkman

                    It isn't that bad (certainly not any worse than the chain restaurants in the area I usually frequent), but it can be pretty busy during happy hour times. I wouldn't list it in any best of list, even in the neighborhood.

                    I do think their beer is underrated, though. Their in-house stuff that Marty brews is usually pretty good.

                    I consider the Village a different hood.

                    1. re: honkman

                      I know it's a chain but, they have a pretty good beer selection, some even won a few awards in the past year or 2. Kobe sliders are OK, Asiago Crab dip and their burger as well.

                      1. re: cstr

                        I agree that their beer selection is surprisingly good but the food wasn't good

                        1. re: honkman

                          Yah, the food is OK but, not great, I gotta cut some slack since it's UTC. That area needs help.

                  2. re: RB Hound

                    The Museum Cafe( http://www.mcasdcafe.com/ ), Carolines (http://carolinesseasidecafe.com/ ) and Bella Vista Social Club (http://www.bellavistacaffe.com/ ) are all good (and serve brunch on weekends).

                    If you can make it during the week,from 8-3, try Green Acre (www.greenacresd.com) (It's in an office park off General Atomics Court, which is off of John Jay Hopkins which is off of Genesee), a Malarkey enterprise, but without alcohol, hipsters or cougars; just *really* good, fresh food.

                    1. re: Cathy

                      FYI, Caroline's raised their prices again (on Sept. 1). The UCSD discount was also increased (from 20% to 30%).

                    2. re: RB Hound

                      Oh please, University City isn't good by any means but it's certainly got edible places. From a previous post, "Also, as a University City native (wrongly dubbed UTC--University Towne Center, the name of the Westfield Shopping Mall located in North University City, despite the dichotomous nature of the communities north and south of the train tracks it is still technically one neighborhood), I feel like I can make some recommendations if you're unfortunate enough to find yourself stranded in the place I call home. Lorna's is actually really good Italian food I think, sure not like the kind I had in Asisi or Rome or Florence, but it's some of the better Italian food I've had in the states, Star Anise Thai is okay Thai food priced decently at lunch, Pho UTC La Jolla is one of my favorite pho places in the city, I don't think it's one of the best but I've become a weekly regular due to its proximity, Nozomi has good sushi I think? I'm not really sure how I feel about sushi I mostly only like salmon nigiri but their bento boxes are nice, Hong Kong Chef is a hole in the wall Chinese place that I think actually has some pretty good lunch specials, I honestly like their hot and sour soup more than any of the fantastic aforementioned Chinese places, Regents Pizza has some pretty good Hot Soppressata New York style pizza, but I don't particularly like the Chicago Style (they also usually have some craft beer on tap), Tender Greens and Eureka (both at the mall) are apparently pretty good but I've never been to either"

                      Also, update, I went to Eueka! and I really loved it. I got the Cowboy burger which I think was fairly well balanced, maybe slightly too many onion straws but oh well, I got the house iced tea (nothing special) and onion rings instead of fries, which were pretty good onion rings but you only get three large onion rings as opposed to many fries, when I go back I would definitely like to try the Sweet Potato fries. I was also intrigued by the corn dog bites, but I'm not sure that's fair as a sucker for corn dogs. I know this won't matter to most people but I easily lose my appetite seeing damp paper products (I'm a strange ranger) and Eureka! had cloth napkins, definitely brightened my mood after a long day of driving around campus with my girlfriend. She got the Eureka Burger and french fries and enjoyed it.

                      1. re: nopico

                        A few points of order, nopico:

                        1. They asked for recommendations, not edible food. I've been meaning to try that pho place after reading a previous post of yours, for what it is worth. I've also been meaning to try Eureka, but for some reason the female 2/3 of my family would rather stick with the known (Red Robin) than something new.

                        2. I have eaten at Regents, there and to go, many times. It is decent, but hardly a place I'd recommend on Chowhound beyond "where should I order a pizza if I'm in UTC?".

                        2. I have lived here since 1999, save for a 3-year stint in [see my user name and figure it out].

                        1. re: RB Hound

                          Where are some better pizza places in San Diego because I've been looking for some and I've never found anything I enjoy as much

                        2. re: nopico

                          I would recommend to try out Barolo for decent (Nothern) Italian food. Lorna for us was quite underwhelming (and an "Italian" restaurant serving Carbonara without any eggs involved should be forced to close)

                          1. re: honkman

                            Doesn't need eggs.

                            Only Carbon.

                            But peas are great!

                                  1. re: Dagney


                                    So much in-the-box thinking.

                                    Come on, Dagney Brasco, lighten up!

                              1. re: Fake Name

                                They are great but not in Spaghetti Carbonara

                                1. re: honkman


                                  No eggs, agreed- not Carbonara.

                                  But peas? Wonderful.

                                  1. re: Fake Name

                                    So many times there is absolutely no black pepper in Carbonara. What's up with that?

                                    1. re: Fake Name

                                      We are on CH so we have to insist on authenticity even if it is good

                                      1. re: honkman

                                        No we don't..I see nothing in the TOU that says we have to insist on authenticity.

                                        And certainly nothing about the addition of delicious sweet peas to elevate Carbonara.

                                        1. re: Fake Name

                                          Do I really have to add smileys to my posts ?

                                2. re: honkman

                                  Or a Cesar or Putanesca without anchovies!

                            1. Thanks y'all ;)

                              Anybody out there from chula vista, national city, bankers hill, clairemont, linda vista, point loma, scripps ranch, tierrasanta or beyond?

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                              1. re: koreansoup

                                I know there are many, many places in Little Italy, but my heart still belongs to Mexican Fiesta and Mixon Liquor & Deli. Cheap, cheap, cheap and delicious!

                                1. re: koreansoup

                                  Point Loma: Fish tacos & beer at The Brigantine, Fish taquitos at Point Loma Seafoods, Martinis and a burger at The Pearl, Beer at Fathom, the shrimp ceviche from Stump's.

                                  Ocean Beach: Azucar, Olive Tree Market for sandwiches and great beer selection, Flatbreads and Brussels sprouts at BoBeau, Pizza Port for pizza & great beer, Sessions Public for duck fat fries, chicken bitties and Sunday brunch.

                                2. In solaNa and don't think to go to quick corner. Tell me more?

                                  1. Point Loma:
                                    Tender Greens continues to put out fresh, delicious food at good prices. The Pearl is great for a cocktail and some bites. Sushi Mura has yet to disappoint, located next to Stone Brewery (beer garden is cool). Gaberdine has become only good for $1 oysters at happy hour. Loved Fathom, the wife hated it, kind of a guys spot! I've had disappointing to terrible dinners recently at Sessions - never again!, The Brig, Pommorolo (Could you do something about the flies!), Jimmys, Harbortown Pub (terrible tacos) Slaters. Come on Point Loma, step up.

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                                    1. re: SRMPL

                                      Thanks for the reminder: I forgot Tender Greens and Con Pane.

                                    2. Surprised I've yet to see an Applebee's mentioned in this thread.

                                      1. In and around Chula Vista
                                        - Tacos el Poblano: great carne asada, adobada, and birria (that's all they do)
                                        - TJ Oyster Bar: it's in Bonita but one of my favorite places for mariscos. The original tiny restaurant/bar is cheaper than the bigger sit down place next to Vons.
                                        - Mariscos el Pescador: awesome mariscos truck- probably the best fish taco in town. Also get some gobernador- its almost like a "philly shrimpsteak"
                                        - Tortas El Gallito: tortas ahogadas
                                        - Aqui es Texcoco: barbacoa de borrego- delicious lamby goodness.
                                        - Italianissimo Trattoria: one of the best Italian I've tried in SD. Try the ravioli funghetto
                                        - Coop's West Texas BBQ: my favorite bbq in San Diego (their original location is in Lemon Grove). Pork ribs, brisket, and amazing pulled pork
                                        - Oasis Ice Cream: best ice cream and sorbets. Dat pistachio. Technically in Nestor.
                                        - Hogetsu: a tiny Japanese mochi bakery and THE place for mochi.

                                        A few National City suggestions
                                        - Villa Manila: my family's choice for sit-down Filipino. A tad pricier than other places but the taste is closer to the food my family makes at home. They also do Kamayan dinners now.
                                        - Tita's Kitchenette: my stand-by turo-turo joint. Cheap and HUGE portions.
                                        - McGonagle's: philly cheesesteak with wiz on Amoroso rolls
                                        - Tacos el Paisa: not technically in National City (it's in Memorial, on National Ave) but my favorite overall taco shop. They also have really really good aguas frescas.

                                        1. I live not far from you in Leucadia.

                                          I agree with you on the following:

                                          pizza port, as you said good combo of pizza, salad, beer

                                          Rudy's, I am addicted to their veggie burritos but most come here for the carne asana.

                                          Zinc cafe, good for lunch bit a little bit pricey.

                                          Parioli, have had afew good dinners there would return.

                                          Fidel's, went there regularly for years until I couldn't eat another tostada suprema and the food seemed to keep going downhill.

                                          Bangkok bay, ok Thai food I think I like Thai pan better.

                                          We go to Roxy in encinitas every so often.
                                          Found a new place called Native Foods and so far really like, best thing to come to Encinitas lately.

                                          1. Banker's Hill:
                                            Lots of choices for good eats here, Of course Bankers Hill, and Azuki Sushi (nice back covered patio which is unusual for sushi). Cafe Bassam makes a proper espresso, pappalecco fpr happy hour and gelato late night, and of course it's little italy adjacent, which has some good finds, but I'll let L.I. hounds comment there.

                                            On another note, perplexed at the no-love for point Loma. Fleetridge has Jimmy's, Suppanee, and Pummarola. If you haven't been to Pummarola, go now.