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Sep 10, 2013 05:57 PM

IWACHU Nanbu Cast Iron, seasoned from the factory or no?

I purchased a IWACHU Nanbu 8" Omelette Pan directly from Japan.

The problem is that it came with 2 bits of paper all in Japanese, so i am completely in the dark as to their recommendations for care and if it has been seasoned at the factory.

Anyone know about this specific brand, has it been seasoned at the factory?

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  1. My Iwachu grill pan came pre-seasoned. Generally if it's black, it has been seasoned. If it's grey, it is "raw". Just give it a nice thorough wash with plenty of hot water and detergent to get any stuff off from the packing/shipping process then give it an extra coat of seasoning in the oven for an hour or so at 350F, and you're good to go.

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    1. Agree. I treat my Iwachu cast iron exactly like my preseasoned Lodge cast iron.

      Hope you enjoy your new omelette pan!

      1. How did you purchase this pan? I have been intriqued by them but, $40~$55 has kept me from ordering.

        As noted, wash it well and apply a THIN coating of oil and heat it up.

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        1. re: Sid Post

          I purchased it on eBay and had it shipped to me directly (i am not in the US).

          In total it cost me $127.

          When you start talking about top level goods last will last lifetimes, price is not something i fuss over. At least not until we hit $1000+ range.

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            I was surprised to see that the Iwachu omelette pans are now available at Amazon US.

            Really pricey though -- $83 for medium, $106 for large.


            1. re: tanuki soup

              Hey tanuki soup, I'm writing an article about Oigen for a U.S. food magazine. I visited Oigen recently with Fuji TV for a segment on traditional JP cooking vessels and tools which aired a few weeks ago. Bought a bunch of stuff and am using it at my immersion school where I cook for the kids (have to wait to purchase more for home use).

              Anyway, I came across your several years–long thread discussing Iwachu. Did you ever ferret out what exactly is flaking off of people's pans? It has been mentioned in a few places.

              I am looking into it as well and am calling the Oigen people tomorrow with a list of questions. As far as I know, their main pans are rubbed with a cashew-based treatment (used to be urushi); while the "naked pans" are not treated with anything but merely baked (and also have different ingredients in the iron mix).

              Anyway, if you have time...