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Sep 10, 2013 03:49 PM

St. Louis- NYC Chowhounders seek anniversary celebration restaurant

We are starting a trip and would enjoy a rec from local members. We enjoy fish and seafood and would experiment with ethnic places as well. We're not fried food eaters nor barbecue fans...

We'd enjoy a place with a good wine list; like bottles with some age to make the night special. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. From your past posts it appears you are an East coaster so I would suggest you not focus on seafood. It's not that we don't have decent seafood but you will pay more for less quality than what you are probably used to.
    That said there are a number of options of creative chefs doing things with locally sourced products.
    Sidney Street Café
    Home Wine Kitchen
    Five Bistro
    These are off of the top of my head so you should be getting some additional names from others on the board. Not all of these have great wine lists but I don't pay close attention to that since I usually don't go for the higher ones when I'm out(the markup kills me so I'd rather save those for home). You didn't mention if there were any travel restrictions or location preferences so if you toss in some more details I'm sure you'll get lots of additional input.

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        We will have a car so can travel anywhere. We'll either be staying at the Renaissance Hotel at the airport or St. Louis Marriott West. I don't know if that widens the range of choices...

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          St. Louis is a very easy city to get around in if you have a car. The choices STL LIfer listed (and I must agree with hill food that it ain't a bad list at all) are generally closer to the Renaissance than to the Marriott, but you won't have to drive more than around 20-25 minutes to reach any of them from either location. Take a look at their menus and at the prior posts discussing the characteristics of these places. All of them are sufficiently casual that you don't need a jacket and tie. The other thing you'll definitely appreciate as a New Yorker is that parking will be free (or, at worst, a few bucks for a valet at Niche) and very close to the restaurant. You won't find that in Manhattan.

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            (edit post)I dunno I'd be tempted to go for the mod hotel on Lindell or the re-imagined Cheshire or even for something else by the airport.

      2. Yes, a fine list. Having married a NYer his family when they visit are stunned by the diff in price - we had a large dinner to honor a senior member of the clan and when a LI cousin reached for the bill, promptly told the proprietor, "You must have left one table out." (We had about 6 tables of folks.)

        1. Annie Gunn's if you are at The Marriott West.

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          1. re: LindaR

            Good point; a very serious wine list and the two guys who are the wine wranglers know their stuff. And if you want something romantic, ask for the "snug", a private booth.

          2. Kevin Willman, the chef at Farmhaus, is known for using seafood (not local). Also Oceano has a good reputation for seafood, although I haven't been for many years. They just opened a second one in Chesterfield.

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            1. re: shannonstl

              You are right about Willman's seafood. Absolutely wonderful and creative preparations.