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Sep 10, 2013 03:22 PM

Can you order a nice bottle of wine in a casino?

My wife has already told me that I am a snob for even thinking about this, but if I want to order a great bottle of wine to drink while I gamble is it even possible? I don't care if I have to pay for it, I just prefer not to drink cocktails or house wine. If it is possible, where would be the best place to do it?

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  1. The MGM Grand had a table in the gaming area with a beautiful large flower arrangement with 4 bottles of Cristal stuck in there to pretty it up. My golf foursome asked a pit boss to chill down the Cristal and begin serving us when it was ready. They did. On a Sunday morning.
    No charge.

    1. You should check where you intend to gamble. My experience is that I can get whatever their 'house' wine or spirits or beer is for free (well, not FREE FREE but you understand). If, say, I wanted a Bombay Sapphire, I'd have to pay for that. And I can't get more than one at a time. I'm guessing (totally) that you may be able to buy that great bottle of wine but that it's not going to be brought to you but rather kept at the bar. You may also want to consider do you really want to pay that money and have a faceful of smoke to accompany it. Most poker rooms are now smoke-free and there are slot areas that are but I'm not picturing table game areas that are. I'm sure you can cover all these questions with a phone call. Break a leg :)

      1. If you are a high roller, you can pretty much get anything you want free. If the cocktail waitress doesn't "get" your request, just talk to the pit boss or ask to talk to a host. If you don't qualify for free as a high roller, you can still get what you want if you are willing to pay - as I said talk to the pit boss or a host.

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          That sums it up - it all depends on what color chips you are playing, although the threshold for "high roller" has been ratcheted up over the years. Casinos are scary good at tracking your average bet, duration of play, and whether you are up or down.

        2. At most casinos you can certainly do this. Last week, I ordered several half bottles of Veuve ($30-$40 ea) for no charge and I was at a $10 blackjack table. On other occasions, I've had probably a dozen top shelf drinks in a single night that would normally be priced at $15+ dollars each. Unless you're in a budget casino, most cocktail waitresses are empowered to order whatever the bar is capable of serving and bring it to the customers at no charge (with the exception of maybe blue label or something like that). I think it really depends on how you speak to them and if you have been tipping, not necessarily how much you are wagering. If you're getting rebuffed by the cocktail waitress, you can always ask the pitboss for something, although the amount that you're wagering will most likely play a role in that scenario. This is true for most any table game area at the major strip casinos. I've even received many top shelf drinks as doubles while sitting at the penny slots after establishing rapport with the waitress.
          Even if you're not classified as a high roller, playing in the high limit rooms and baccarat rooms will get you whatever you want.

          1. Depends on how much you gamble......while I'm not a wine drinker normally they charge you to "up brand" your cocktail from whatever is in the house speed rack. So for myself I enjoy Stoli vodka they might charge you $3-$4 for Stoli or Goose etc. But if you or I am gambling enough the pit boss will allow whatever you want. I've drank many an aged Grand Marnier at the craps tables over the years.

            The casino game is pretty simple, if you bet enough, you can have anything you want, ANYTHING.