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Halloween Party: Clever Food Ideas?

I'm throwing a vintage-style classic Halloween party for adults. I'm all over Pinterest but I'm wondering if anyone has any original ideas for food. I'm sticking with appetizers, desserts, and cocktails/punch.

Some current ideas are as follows:
spiked cider with apple 'shrunken heads'
cocktails with lychee eyeballs
pumpkin wrapped with bacon
vegetarian chili
candy apples with twigs
white frosted cake with merengue ghosts
graveyard pudding (possibly too childish)

Any ideas are much appreciated! :D

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    1. I love to make witch lady fingers for Halloween -- breadstick dough shaped like fingers and topped with a dyed almond fingernail. Brush with garlic or honey butter or serve with bloody marinara dipping sauce.


      Also, think about
      pumpkin seeds
      bat wings (chicken wings
      )monster bones (ribs)

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        Yes, Pumpkin Seeds! Chow has several different recipes for them. Makes a good mix while drinking beer

        1. you can take gloves fill them with water and freeze. Peel the gloves off and it makes a great ice for punch, or cooler.

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          1. How about, instead of your typical chocolate and peanut butter "buckeyes" you instead make a dark chocolate ganache filling and then dip it in white chocolate so they look like eyeballs? You could even paint on some red veins too. Or even dye some of the white chocolate red and make little "pools of blood" for the eyeballs to be setting in.

            I wonder if you could get some kind of fake head or a foam head and cut the top off and make some sort of pate or ham salad molded in the shape of a brain, then serve it with crackers, and a knife in the brain for spreading it on the crackers.

            Red Bull glows when you have it under blacklights, so you might be able to do something clever with that. I think tonic water does too:


            1. I did a Halloween party for girlfriends several years ago.....and did a color theme of black and orange. We started with pumpkin soup.....and had squid ink pasta. Can't remember the appetizers. But I do remember everyone had to "bring something scary." I left the interpretation up to them. I got everything from a pumpkin.....to a book about menopause! It was great fun. Enjoy!!!

              1. How about those cookies that look a lot like fingers (with almond slice as the nail)? Most are sweet but I'm sure you could make a savory type for dipping.

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                  I made a savoury version last year using puff pastry cut as fingers, brushed in pesto with red pepper fingernails. My recommendation is to also get a bag of dry ice for the punch...we served ours in a dutch over. The table looked great with smoke rolling across it all night.

                2. Martha Stewart particularly likes Halloween. Here's a link to some ideas. Click through the slide show on the deviled egg. Some are more main course dishes, but there are a few cute things. You could make just the eyeballs and bugs instead of the whole tomato soup recipe.

                  Other slide shows below the egg.


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                    On the puff pastry episode of Martha Bakes, she makes cheese straws. She presses one side of the dough into paprika (I think - could have been hot pepper ), and the other into poppyseeds. When the straws are cut and twisted, the color scheme is black and orange.

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                      Just saw that episode. The orange side was a bit of paprika mixed with parm. They did look delicious..

                  2. Sliced cauliflower steaks, or whole, roasted (looks like "brains")

                    Kale, roasted whole leaves. Very weird looking. Served by standing them upright in a tall glass. I think the guests who brought them labeled them "Devil's tongue".

                    Fussy to make but remarkable looking -- I used plain chocolate Famous Wafers as the base of the hat for my version of Melted Witch Puddles http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Me...

                    1. I made blood and guts pizza a few years back.
                      - Roll your favorite pizza dough out in a long, roughly three inch wide strip.
                      -Place fillings(sticks of mozzarella, sausage cubed or out of the casing etc..) in the centre of the strip leaving at least an inch on each side.
                      -Pinch the two sides of the dough together to seal the fillings inside.
                      -Place the dough(guts) on a parchment lined cookie sheet mimicking the shape of intestines
                      -Brush the outside with pizza sauce(I tinted mine with a few drops of food colouring to get a bloodier shade of red), and bake.

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