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Sep 10, 2013 02:22 PM

Halloween Party: Clever Food Ideas?

I'm throwing a vintage-style classic Halloween party for adults. I'm all over Pinterest but I'm wondering if anyone has any original ideas for food. I'm sticking with appetizers, desserts, and cocktails/punch.

Some current ideas are as follows:
spiked cider with apple 'shrunken heads'
cocktails with lychee eyeballs
pumpkin wrapped with bacon
vegetarian chili
candy apples with twigs
white frosted cake with merengue ghosts
graveyard pudding (possibly too childish)

Any ideas are much appreciated! :D

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    1. I love to make witch lady fingers for Halloween -- breadstick dough shaped like fingers and topped with a dyed almond fingernail. Brush with garlic or honey butter or serve with bloody marinara dipping sauce.

      Also, think about
      pumpkin seeds
      bat wings (chicken wings
      )monster bones (ribs)

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        Yes, Pumpkin Seeds! Chow has several different recipes for them. Makes a good mix while drinking beer

        1. you can take gloves fill them with water and freeze. Peel the gloves off and it makes a great ice for punch, or cooler.

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