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Sep 10, 2013 02:16 PM

Prime Rib in and around Austin

Can anyone recommend a truly great prime rib. I see that Fleming's is offering it on Sundays and will try that. If you have tried it, please let me know your opinion. Otherwise, any good recs?

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  1. Bartlett's. Really I've tried to vary what I order there because so much is done really well, but I tend to come back to the prime rib, because it's just so good.

    1. Golden Corral has all you can eat Prime Rib on Friday and Saturday nights for $12.99. What more could you ask for? <snork>.

      Anybody been? I'm actually curious about it. Maybe I'll hit them up Friday night and take one for the team.


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      1. re: sqwertz

        Do it sqwertz, fall on the sword. I must say the commercial has the roast beast a bit overcooked for my taste.

        1. re: sqwertz

          NOT what I'm looking for but my friends parents rave about it... say it's awesome. Good luck.

          1. re: sqwertz

            I admit that I have been. It's not good. Somehow, it's tough and flavorless and nothing like what you would get from a nicer place.

            1. re: sqwertz

              That Prime rib isn't good.. No smoke just cheap stuff for the walker crowd. Their fried chicken is damn good though. I can never eat there too depressing all the wheel chairs, etc.

            2. This is not going how I had hoped and intended. Thanks for Bartlett's... Love that. Any places you can share with someone that you happen to like?

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              1. re: Rene

                For God's sakes go to Bartlett's and have a great prime rib meal. Their french dip sandwich is admittedly overpriced by a few bucks but dammit is fantastically thin sliced rare beef and just kicks ass au jus and au horseradish every time. I haven't had the prime rib plated out, but it's gotta be great.

                1. re: slowcoooked

                  I do love the French Dip at Bartlett's and have enjoyed it quite a few times so this is a great rec and will try the prime rib... just looking for more options.

                  1. re: Rene

                    Salt Lick does a good prime rib at a reasonable price, if that is a concern.


                    1. re: Rene

                      Rene how about the sunday brunch at Green Pastures? You can load up a plate of all you can devour prime rib and really wonderful colossal shrimp cocktail (with a curry hint) and bourbon bread pudding for 40 bucks.

                      1. re: Rene

                        Can't help with the prime rib, but i really dig the grilled artichoke at bartlett's for an appetizer.

                  2. Re: your actual question. I like Cooper's Prime Rib. I know this might be blasphemous but I like Rudy's Prime Rib too. For formal dining Austin Land and Cattle has good prime rib.