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Sep 10, 2013 02:09 PM

Possible late arrival Montreal Monday in Chinatown area or beyond--like ethnic

We will be taking the train to Montreal and arriving on a Monday (when so many places are closed in Montreal), possibly not till 8-8:30PM; we are staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Rue Viger in Chinatown (nr Metro Place d'Armes). We like ethnic food but the only bad food we ever had in Montreal in the past was Chinese in Chinatown; we had better Vietnamese but find pho a bit dull. Have you any better recommendations of where to eat near the hotel? A better Chinese, perhaps, or some other Asian--we like Malaysian, for instance? We also love central Asian (not just Indian but Nepali, Sri Lankan, Afghan, etc), Portuguese, Latin American, Mideastern food, and of course Quebecois & French. If we get in earlier (could be as early as 7:30) we might be able to get down to the Old Quarter or up to the Plateau, but I'm worried the train will be very late and we'll need to eat closer to the hotel. Any recs welcome. Nothing too expensive. Thanks!

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  1. Wheredja eat bad food in Chinatwon last time around?
    Usually, for Cantonese, we like to go to Beijing which is just steps from your hotel (take right outta hotel up St. Urbain, then right on Rue de la Gauchetière (92 la Gauchetierre 2 doors from corner)

    For a change of pace, we like KanBai (continue along la Gauchetierre, then left on Clark, near top on left).
    They offer Cantonese, but they're more Szechuan. Food can be great at times, just good at others. Ifn you like authentic, you kinda have to tell the server you want it spicy, else they might dumb it down...

    You could cab it to The Main about 12 blocks away(deli/smoked meat
    They're apparently open until 5:00am
    Or a few more doors north, La Cabane du Portugal, a Purtuguese pub. Open until 2:00am

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      +1 Beijing. It's open til 2am every night.

      If you get in earlier and want Vietnamese, Pho Bang New York is the best of the bunch in Chinatown and closes at 9:30pm.
      1001 St-Laurent, between Viger and de la Gauchetiere.

      +1 The Main if you just want some good stick-to-your-ribs typoe food (they have ribs, liver, and great burgers, too). I can confirm that they are open til 5am... heh heh.

    2. La Banquise for poutine, open 24 hours, and a short cab ride away. L'Express is open late (2 am) if you want French. And my favourite in Chinatown is Keung Kee, also open pretty late (as are most restaurants in Chinatown).

      1. That's not all that late by Montreal standards, although of course it is a drag if you are starving. Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot is fun and very near your hotel, open till 11pm. If you'd like Afghan you can head up to Khyber Pass on Duluth, also open late on Mondays. There aren't any Malaysian places but over on MacKay there's an Indonesian place called Gado Gado (also open late on Mondays). Beijing has the advantage of being very close to the Holiday Inn and it's okay if you order well and pick more Szechuan dishes. Dumpling and hand-pulled noodle places in Chinatown tend to close earlier but if you are in the 'hood anyway I'd recommend Nudo for the spicy pork noodle soup and Mai Xiang Yuan for dumplngs.

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          Yes, if you are interested in Kyber Pass (I've always liked it very much, but haven't been in a few years) it is a byow so bring a bottle of wine from your town if you want to drink wine.

          Do pack a nice little picnic for the train so you aren't too hungry!

          1. re: lagatta

            Just curious, what train are you taking? Adirondack?
            If so, lagatta's idea of packing a picnic is a very good idea indeed.
            We brought plenty of food on Amtrak lotsa times (and consumed plenty of wine as well) and the good folks on the train did not mind at all.

            1. re: porker

              Yes, I was thinking of friends from NYC who took the train up to visit me some years ago. Right around this time of year, and we all had a great time.