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Sep 10, 2013 01:24 PM

Non-touristy Portsmouth

I am attending a wedding next weekend in Portsmouth, NH and need a positive dining experience for two on Friday night. After reading many reviews I can not seem to find anyplace that is welcoming, has good food, and ambiance. I don't mind spending as long as it is worth it. Is there anyone out there that has found a place that has at least 4 stars in all categories?

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  1. Mombo or Four will certainly hit the mark. We always sit at the bar at both (the chefs bar at mombo is great)...The new resto at the Wentworth, Salt, was great recently, but have only been once. Four and Mombo- prob 40 times over the last cpl years. Or walk over the bridge to Kittery Foreside...and hit Black Birch.

    1. we really enjoyed Cava . sat upstairs and the bartender was very engaging without being invasive. the food and wine list was excellent. I like small plates, get to try a lot of different things.
      did not feel rushed either.
      lots to enjoy in Portsmouth, hope you enjoy it.

      1. Cava, Moxy, District, Jumpin' Jae's, Surf or Four will do nicely.

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          Black Trumpet so handsome; terrif interesting food.