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Sep 10, 2013 01:22 PM

The Latin Pig

Anyone been? On Custer in Plano. I hear its two NYers who opened a Cuban joint. I'm hoping it reminds me of the places I grew up eating on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

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  1. I've been. It will not remind you of the UWS. I was hoping for a Sophie's (Cuban chain in Manhattan) type place but was disappointed. They do have cuban food, it's just okay. They also didn't have some of my favorites like ropa vieja and vaca frita.

    I had lechon with rice and beans. It's hard for me to be specific other than to say it was decent but not great. I prefer several other Cuban restaurants around town though i'm still not totally satisfied with any of Dallas' Cuban (or any Latin minus Mexican) offerings.

    Side note, they do have pupusas which are decent.

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      Have you been to Adobo Puerto Rican in Irving on Beltine and Rochelle? What are your thought about that place?

      I was hoping someone would review the place. Looks like this place is a pass for me.

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        I have not yet been to Adobo but it's definitely at the top of my list of places to go. Also, Casa Vieja (the Colombian place on Beltline in Carrollton) recently expanded into the space next door and now has some Puerto Rican offerings. When I went, they hadn't quite opened the extended part of the menu but my waitress said they'd have mofongo among other options.

        The only place I've had mofongo in dallas was at PR place in Arlington I believe but it wasn't very good. Good enough to satisfy the craving but not good enough to stop me from searching for better.

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          I also went to that PR place in Arlington for a special dinner for me an my wife. It was absolutely horrible and the service was extremely slow.

          After that meal my wife swore off PR food until we found Adobo. I have had great success with the mofongo, trifongo (yucca, sweet plantain and green plantain) with fried pork, the pernil and the sweet plantain with picadillo. The fruit punches/agquas frescas are also solid. I did try the shrimp in criolla this past weekend and it was forgettable. I still have yet to try the tilapia dishes but overall I would say you would be satified if you thought the PR place in Arlington satisfied your craving.

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        I went recently and they took the pupusas off the menu. I preferred Jimmy's cuban sandwich.

        1. I thought the Cuban sandwich was tasty and they didn't skimp on the meat and cheese. It was pressed nice and neat.

          I also tried the chicharrones. They were fried nice without being greasy and came with fresh made tostones and their mojo sauce.

          Overall I thought it was really good. What this area really needs is a great Cuban bakery with the empandas, papa rellenas, croquettas and all that good stuff.

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          1. re: ilikejunk

            Try out International bakery in Carrollton for all of the empanadas, papa rellenas, croquettas.

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              You beat me to you. Definitely the spot for those items. Order a coffee, too.

          2. The food is okay. The issue I had was all the food was noticeably under spiced. I will likely go and try it again now that they have been cooking for a while.

            The other note is that they are very..... small. The booths are not comfortable and their seating is very limited.