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Sep 10, 2013 11:13 AM

best falafel

Hey all y'all,
just got a hankering for a falafel sandwich. Where is the best SD county has to offer?

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    1. Mister Falafel is excellent. Also a fan of Mystic Grill's falafel. Tiki Taki Grill in Hillcrest can make a sublime one, most of the time...

      1. I had a falafel taco tonight at Cali Kebab that was pretty tasty. They only do the tacos on tuesdays, but they have a falafel sandwich on the regular menu. I've had the falafel appetizer quite a few times and it is variable - ranging from ok to really good.

        1. Vanoos Grillette in PB is the best I've tasted so far. Alforon also makes very good falafel. Both places fry the falafel balls especially for you, which is a must with good falafel.

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            Oooooo! Yes! I love Alforon. I used to eat there frequently when I worked in Mid-City.