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Sep 9, 2013 06:50 PM

Pre-planned routes through Sonoma?

I own an online business and work 14 hours a day - my eyes have rolled back into my head reading all this incredible trip planning! I really need someone to map out six wonderful day trips with a home base of Windsor for December that I can upload into my iPad. I know very little about wines other than that I love to drink champagne, grapefruit basil martini's, and Chateau Ste. Michelle & Dr. Loosen Eroica - and I do know it's not from California. My husband drinks Pinot Noir.

I know this should be individually tailored but are there some pre mapped out routes for those of us who simply don't have the luxury of time for in depth planning? Last time we were in the area, we stayed at the Fairmont, went to a fabulous Olive Oil pressing place where I bought liters of Orange and Lemon Olive oil that were amazing, olives and next door the most delicious buttons of soft goat cheese I have ever tasted with a baguette and prosciutto. Same trip we bought a whole apple pie at a place called mom's perhaps, that we devoured with two plastic forks and ended up in Mendocino after popping out of a stand of redwoods. It was magical but we didn't know where to add in the wineries as it seemed sort of random and the couple we stopped at were not our taste.

Need someone to organize my trip... Actually need someone to organize my life! Lol. Guess I should start with a good map!

I posted to this thread in hopes of a link to a great site with some mapped out trips for those without time for planning. Thanks. I have enjoyed this discussion.

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  1. You might want to hire a concierge for this... There are good people in Wine Country making decent livings planning trips for folks like you and making all the appointments and reservations.

    1. From your description of your last trip, sounds like you stayed at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn in the town of Sonoma. The olive mill may have been the one in Glen Ellen, just a bit north of that hotel. Then you made your way up to Mom's Apple Pie in Sebastopol in Russian River Valley. Windsor is northwest of the town of Sonoma and a little north of Sebastopol but still located in Sonoma County. So you'll have a chance to see some new territory. I suggest that in addition to Windsor, you search this site for recommendations in Healdsburg and Geyserville.

      Here's a link to the Sonoma County visitors bureau's trip itineraries, and you can probably inquire there for a personal trip planner should you need one,

      Windsor where you're staying is located in the Russian River Valley wine appellation. Here's a link to sign up for the visitor's guide,

      Then the Wine Road organization encompasses many of the wineries in northern Sonoma County, including those in Russian River Valley who receive visitors. It has a concierge service to help you with planning.

      Give yourself some time to pore over those materials. Then when you figure out what stops interest you, post back here and ask for opinions. You'll get much better responses then.

          1. People asking you to check out other threads and websites are essentially saying you have to take the time to do research. If you don't have time to do research, how about your Pinot Noir drinking husband? If Pinot Noir is your thing, probably stick with Sonoma.

            I just recently did the Sonoma/Napa trip and probable spent about 5 total hours planning it but I also know about wines since I'm an amateur collector. Even if it takes you 10 hours, if you plan this over a month, it's only about 20 min per day out of your schedule.

            However, if you absolutely don't have time, just google California wine tours and get someone else to plan for you.