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Sep 10, 2013 10:56 AM

Jack Allen Kitchen's Pastry Chef Throws In With Oaxacan Project Pop-Up!

Jack Allen Kitchen's Diana Sanchez, maker of nigh-immortal desserts, has thrown in with the newest scrumptious east austin popup. She isn't alone.

Have you ever had a dessert at Jack Allen Kitchen? Even Phillip Speer gushes over the yumminess. Now that she is joining forces with Scrumptiouschef and Cream Team's Nathan Myhrvold-inspired cheese attack, this is a done deal.

Let's make this a Chow Austin meetup, in the memory of what we once were, and what we could be again.

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    1. re: girloftheworld

      Sure it is open to everyone - first come, first served. He normally sells out.

    2. Which Chowhounders will be here tonight? if you see me say Hi.

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      1. Tribute to Texas Women Pop-Up coming up this weekend. Same great team, same great place.(Tamale House East) This Saturday, Nov 16.

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        1. re: Homero

          The food was amazing last time!!!!!!