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Sep 10, 2013 10:40 AM

Help - need suggestions for dinner for a group of 14, please!

The family will be getting together in Toronto in early October - 14 of us, ranging from 5 to 74, and we will be celebrating a few birthdays, so we would like to go someplace nice, but not too pricey (around $50 - $70 pp before drinks etc?) . Location isn't too important, as we have cars to get around. Any suggestions will be appreciated - I can do this for Montreal, where I live, but when it comes to Toronto, all of the places I prefer aren't really suitable for a group like this.

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    1. Agree on Le Select but it can get expensive. The Queen and Beaver has a nice semi-private dining room which might work too.

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        We don't really need a private room, although it's certainly something to consider. But we're used to dining out in a large group, so wherever they can put a group of 14 of us works...

      2. Quince uptown has a private room, Lil Baci Taverna has an upstairs, Globe Earth has a back room.

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          If everyone eats Asian food, Momofuku Daisho and order a whole beast in advance? It can be noisy/rowdy in the evening, but with a huge sharing table of 14 including some kids, you are going to be part of the problem anyway, nest-de pas? It could be a whole lot of fun, and it CERTAINLY would be memorable.

          Hmmm, the small children limit your fine-dining options of course, and a noisy setting will be hard on the older folks. The side room off the bar at Terroni on Adelaide is the perfect size, and likely the right level of "nice" but not stuffy, but the food can be uneven. If you were heading that way, I'd crowdsource menu suggestions here and order a fixed meal of sharing plates. You CAN get a very good meal there. But not always.

          If you are willing to drive, I highly recommend YANG's( again, Chinese and therefore not for everyone) way up north (often mentioned here) as they have perfect private rooms and are used to multi-generational celebrations. And every single dish will be exquisite.

          I used to live in Montreal. Where would you go there and I 'll try to identify comparables here?

          1. re: KAYLO

            Actually, Momofuku Daisho was one of my original ideas - it may still work as an option. The small children live in NYC, so they're fine at pretty much any restaurant, and Momofuku is one of their favourites. Not sure about the older folks, though - that's the only concern right now.
            If we were in Montreal, it would probably be a place like Liverpool House or Holder, or even Gibby's.

            1. re: cherylmtl

              If you'd go somewhere like Liverpool House in Mtl, maybe you should consider a restaurant closer to Ossington, Parkdale, or Dundas West, but only a few of them could handle a group of 14, since most have 2 tops and 4 tops. I would think Boehmer (but haven't heard much about Boehmer's food/service, and haven't tried it) or Delux could handle 14, and possibly The Grove. Maybe some other Hounds more in the loop than me could suggest a few Parkdale/Ossington/Dundas W spots that can handle a group of 14.

              The Drake could handle your group's size, but I thought the food and service were meh on my visit in July.

              I wouldn't go to Dessert Trends with a group of 14.

              1. re: prima

                Delux has a very nice back room with a fireplace.

              2. re: cherylmtl

                You might want to look into Bestellen. You could do a suckling pig or a la carte. Not a similar room but a similar menu to Liverpool - aside from the suckling pig that is.

          2. What type of environment are you looking for? Upscale, trendy, fun and loud, or other?

            For the price point, you could look to Simple Bistro with it's price fixe and very approachable style. Also, Dessert Trend Bistro is another option with small plates, large plates, and a price fixe too. They have pretty great desserts so a cake would be quite easy to do for them since they have their bakery next door. I also agree with the posters above for Le Select. They used to have a young diner menu and it wasn't a dumb down burger and chicken finger selection but rather it was a petite portion of the actual adult entrees (sole meuniere...).

            Another option is Chiado but I believe that's on the upper end of your price range.

            1. If you folks are from Montreal, where French cuisine dominates and in general better than what Toronto has to offer, I would pick a destination that serves other then 'French related' food! No??!
              Based on my dining experiences in both cities, Toronto's Cantonese is by far better than what Montreal has to offer. As such, I would suggest having a round table banquet feast at Crown Princess. Elegant decor, good and 'different' food and well within your budget!
              Attached sample menus for your reference. You can have a discussion with the restaurant and have the menu ( for 12 persons ) extended to accommodate 14 people!
              Roast suckling piglet, Lobsters, Scallops, Prawns, Free.range chicken, abalone and other exotic ingredients....etc all in one meal!
              Definitely worth considering!