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Hill Country DC

Craving for some Texas-style, fatty brisket which I realize is not something one can find in the NoVa area. I'm going to hit up Hill Country this weekend to satisfy my cravings as I'm happy with the quality of smoke and meat.

Having said that, I'm not happy with the price and the fact that it's a chain. So I turn to you, Chowhound Nation, for advice on options/preferences. Where would you go for some quality, sliced brisket that is moist, well-smoked and seasoned? And while I love me some chopped pork, smoked sausage and ribs -- it's all second fiddle this go around.

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  1. Their moist brisket is really good and probably the most consistent item on the menu. Harder to dry out a piece of meat with a nice layer of fat cap. I would also recommend the jalapeno cheese sausage from Kreuz.

    1. No alternative to Hill Country regarding 'Texas-style.'

      I will simply mention the alternative is the brisket sandwich at Wagshal's in DC. Brisket is not smoked on site and is placed in a microwavable pouch, but it is serious. No other place comes close, I'm afraid.

      1. The prices are very high, I'd be strategic about your sides in order to save money. The moist brisket is very good.

        1. HC is it when it comes to Texas brisket in DC. Stick with the plan.

          1. I know Rocklands does brisket, but I've never tried it.

            Someone once mentioned this place called Jimbo's way out in Chantilly that's "Texas style" barbecue. It's apparently a total hole in the wall type place.

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              Rocklands brisket is not up to speed.

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                I live right near Jimbo's and tried in once. Can't tell you much more than that, which should tell you plenty.

              2. I think Hill Country has gone downhill a bit since it opened. Like others have said, it's not cheap, and unless you think about cost WHILE ordering, you could end up with a modest meat-and-three plate that runs you $50!

                However, it's DC...it's Chinatown...so complaining about over-priced food is like living in Seattle and complaining about rain. My biggest issue with Hill Country is that they food has been disgustingly salty the last couple of times I was there. I've also found the staff behind the meat counter to be obnoxiously pushy. Really, it's one thing to be energetic and personable, it's another to cross the line into being obnoxious pricks.

                1. Not happy that it's a "chain" restaurant? There are two locations, one in DC, one in NYC. That really bothers you? Why?

                  1. Chowing down on the Pitmaster for $27, flight of 6 Shiner beers for $9, each pour is about 4 oz. Loved the beef and pork ribs, the normal brisket is a bit dry and boring. The chicken white meat is decently moist. Really loved the side of green bean casserole because the green beans aren't overcooked. The collard greens, on the other hand, will serve its function later.