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Sep 10, 2013 09:28 AM

Hung Hunyh's 11 Favorite Asian Restaurants in NYC

Interesting mix of restaurants.

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  1. Very interesting list. I was surprised he picked Nyonya,as it isn't really that good. However, the dish he chose, water spinach with shrimp paste they do make very well. Their frog is terrible.
    Ippudo he thinks has the best pork broth , hmmm.
    I've had kam ha tang but never at kunjip, i wonder what Kosmose thinks.
    Ive never been to The General, but if the guy has the nerve to list his own restaurant, I will have to try the fried rice there.
    Ping's Seafood, surprised he picked that one, but I never had the duck tongue there.
    Lau will be happy he agrees that Hakkasan has the best dim sum.
    I don't know the other places.

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      I had gamja tang at Kunjip and I thought it was one of the worst renditions I've ever had. I only had it there once, though, so it could be a fluke.