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Sep 10, 2013 09:21 AM

Sports Bar in/near South Austin?

I get that there is another football question already posted on this board, but this Philly Hound needs some more specifics.

We'll be staying in S Austin the weekend that the Eagles meet the Chiefs for Sunday Night Football. I need to find a place where we can watch the game, and if I know Eagles fans, meet up with some others who know the fight song, while still enjoying some decent food and drink.

I don't mind driving a little ways, but if there is someplace close that would fit the bill that would be terrific. We're staying in the Whispering Oaks neighborhood if that means anything - it's my first visit to this fair city, so it doesn't mean anything to me! Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. Correction - must have been Freudian...The Eagles/Chiefs primetime game is Thursday, not Sunday. But still need reccomendations....Thanks!

    1. I google mapped Whispering Oaks, and determined that basically you are screwed. If you want to stay south of 71/Ben White, then i'd suggest Doc's Backyard.

      5207 Brodie Ln #100 Sunset Valley, TX 78745

      I used to live in this part of town, and most everything else close to you that would have multiple tvs is a chain like BJ's Brewhouse (meh). Never been to 3rd base, but there is one of those in southpark meadows which is a little south of you. Between 71 and the river the possibilities increase.

      1. I live in Whispering Oaks... I'm new to the hood, but I have heard of this place:

        It's supposed to be pretty cool, plus it's local and probably has more charm than most of the burbs-y chain places down here. I'd call em and ask what the TV situation is. I've got a hunch this'll probably be one of your best bets.

          1. Pluckers and Texican Cafe, both near Lamar/Westgate/Ben White.