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Sep 10, 2013 08:52 AM

Stagg Jr.

Has anyone seen the new Buffalo Trace Stagg Jr. release around DC/MD/VA? I haven't seen a bottle in person myself, the product was added to the MoCo liquor control inventory site but listed as out of stock. Thanks

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  1. you will not be impressed if you are hoping that it is even CLOSE to Stagg.

    I love Stagg, and I love a lot of the Buffalo Trace bourbons and Ryes, but this is NOT even close to its big daddy.

    did you find it?
    (I found it in RI about 6 weeks before it hit the shelves in MAss, where I live now.)

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    1. re: TylerDurdenMass

      yea, I got a bottle, at msrp ($50), though I saw it on shelf for $99 the day a local DC shop got the real Stagg (they sold the Stagg Jr eal quick, really smart move even if way over-priced, everyone who came in and missed out on Stagg must've taken the consolation prize)

      I have tried the Stagg Jr, had realistic expectations due to internet chatter to try & treat it as a barrel proof buffalo trace & ignore the horns. I liked it, but I wouldn't buy it again. It really can't compete with Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (doesn't help that the ECBP cost me $30/bottle, sometimes county controlled liquor stores are a good thing).

      I'd put Stagg JR a notch above the Knob Creek 120 proof, some more complexity, but almost 2x the price.

      1. re: mentel

        well I put Stagg Jr above Knob Creek 120 and I would put Knob Creek 120 in a punch bowl or in the sink.
        (not a fan of ANYTHING done by Beam... even THIER Maker's Mark is inferior to the old stuff)

        1. re: TylerDurdenMass

          funny stuff. having finally had Larceny I'll take that over maker's, which is strictly an airport bourbon for me. I admit to liking Knob Creek (for $25 on sale), at least at the higher proof, but it is not a stand out.

          the one beam I really enjoy is Booker's (depending on the barrel, and then the bottle really needs to be open for a couple of months to hit the sweet spot)