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Sep 10, 2013 08:44 AM

Special Birthday Dinner

Hey folks,
I hit the big six-o about a month from now, and I'd like to take myself and a couple of BFFs out for a really special meal. I'm looking for a place that combines good food with a bit of a "scene" -- fairly hip, but not too loud because we want to hear ourselves chat. Has to be open on a Sunday night. Any & all suggestions welcome. FWIW, some places I'm considering are:
Chateau Marmont
Hungry Cat
Red Medicine
Nix on Sotto (love the food but too loud) and Plan Check (love the food but too casual).

Thank you!

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  1. New AOC location on the patio would be another good choice (I don't think Melisse would fit any definition of hip that I'm familiar with).

    1. It will depend on when in the evening you go, but Red Medicine, which I wouldn't hesitate to recommend on food alone, can get quite loud.

      1. Agree with Servorg re AOC. Also, really like a Sunday night on the patio at Ivy Robertson.

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        1. re: Thor123

          AOC describes perfectly what you are seeking

        2. Any part of town?
          Any budget?

          Gjelina -patio
          Tasting Kitchen - go early

          1. I am a big fan of Craft. Wonderful food & service plus everyone at the table can hear each other

            Edit. Sorry Craft is closed on Sundays
            If you don't mind the drive you might want to consider Saddle Peak Lodge