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Sep 10, 2013 08:05 AM

ISO Japanese Restaurants using Atlantic fish

I'm curious if any restaurants are using Atlantic fish??

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  1. l've also been curious about this....i'm assuming this is due to fukushima???

    it's kind of scary how little the news reports on the topic here in toronto and for most of north america...i just returned from china and news of this is everywhere, tv, newpapers, signs in stores, everything, warning of the potential dangers. i'm going to be very careful after seeing that...

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    1. re: mrich100

      you would be's funny you mention china...i was recently there and that's what made me want to do some research...but it's hard to find data about food supplies here in toronto...that's why i figured i'd just ask about atlantic fish...i'm going to avoid pacific fish till i have some real answers...hopfully someone can provide some...

      1. re: nevrenuf

        I fully acknowledge that this is purely anecdotal evidence but I was just in Juneau staying with a buddy who is a retired biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and we talked about this issue and he said there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

        1. re: radiopolitic

          Interesting. Why did he say there was nothing to worry about? Thanks RP!

          1. re: justxpete

            The short end of the story is migratory patterns of fish and ocean currents. Even if the radiation did make it here it would be extremely diluted and wouldn't pose a health risk.

            Now I'm not saying you shouldn't be prudent. I advise everyone to make their own decisions. Maybe taking a break from Pacific fish for the moment till more time has elapsed and testing has been done is wise.

            I personally didn't care too much. Spent most of the summer up and down Alaska/Yukon, fishing and eating my catch.

            1. re: radiopolitic

              And like the world's oceans were pristine and free of pollutants pre-Fukushima? Chinese concerns seem especially odd given the country's existing ground, riverine and near-shore water pollution issues and contamination of wild/farmed fish and shellfish found there.

              1. re: radiopolitic

                There's a lot of undue panic beacuse that sells newspapers

                The total inventory of radioactive materal at Fukushima is about 12500 PBq, so far about 900 PBq have been released, a lot of that in the early days after the tsunami when they were using sea water for emergency cooling and a lot of it short half life stuff that has already decayed away.

                The Pacific ocean naturally has approximately 8500000 PBq of naturally occuring radioactive material in it, mostly Potassium 40. So the Fukushima releases temporarily increased the radioactivity in the Pacific ocean by 0.01%

                By comparison Chernobyl released 5400 PBq and atmospheric testing (and the two WWII bombs) released about 2600000 PBq. We'll probably never know how much radiation was released from the damaged reactors and tons of waste that the USSR dumped into the Kara sea. None of these things have had a statistically measurable impact on the human lifespan.

                All that said of course Fukushima will have negative impacts, it will probably result in about 1000 more cancer deaths than if if hadn't occurred but against the backdrop of a world population of 6-7 Billion and remembering that the Tsunami itself killed 20,000 it's still pretty small potatoes.

                I'll keep eating Pacific fish myself, but I may give up Bananas and Lima beans, those things have too much Potassium 40 in them.

      2. i did the omakase at zen a few weeks ago...a lot of fish from portugal (sardines, tuna) but then a couple from waters around Japan as well.

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        1. re: grandgourmand

          How was it? Doing the same on Friday. Did you order the on-menu Omikase or the off-menu Omikase?

          1. re: justxpete

            It was good, as usual. I can't recall...well, maybe the Ika. Good textural contrast. And the chutoro that was seared...tasted like good beef. And I'm always a big fan of mackerel. Ordered some exrta afterwards.

            Haven't done the off-menu. Would like to hear about it, though, if you do.

            1. re: grandgourmand

              thanks all!

              these were 2 articles I found that i wanted to shed some light on...



            2. re: justxpete

              I did the off-menu 3 weeks ago and it was fantastic. Have a great time justxpete. Highlights for me were the spanish mackerel, toro, anago, sea bream, fluke and sea urchin. Loved the japanese cucumber and tempura eel too.