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Sep 10, 2013 07:49 AM

Dim sum for Friday lunch?

After my successful visit to Chinatown last Friday(Big wong for duck and the sponge cake place Lau recommended, both were very good), I am already hooked. I am thinking about going to Chinatown for lunch this Friday again and this time, I am considering some dim sum. I've been to Chinatown for dim sum on weekends but never on weekdays. Any good places you can recommend? Is weekday lunch a bad option if I want dim sum?

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  1. I recommend 88 East Broadway, upstairs. It was once called Triple 8's I think it is called 88 Palace now. CH'ers will recommend Red Egg, I don't like the place at all. Also , I like carts, Red Egg doesn't have any and I find them overpriced.
    I saw that the old Nice Restaurant ( East Broadway), has changed names from JB Seafood, to a new name, perhaps that is a good dim sum place, worth a try.

    1. I should mention that the restaurant should be close to Canal street 6 subway station or ACE line.

      Thanks. 5 min walk sounds good.

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        88 Palace is not far from Canal. As I said, others will recommend Red Egg and that is not far from Canal also.
        I strongly suggest you avoid Dim Sum Go Go, Hop Shing has good dim sum but it is more of a take out dim sum place for me. Golden Unicorn I still like, but there are some haters of it.
        Jin Fong I've had really bad shrimp at. So 88 East Bway, that's the biggest selection, everything is fresh, it is a huge banquet type place and located in the interesting Chinatown Mall.

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          Thanks for the recommendation...88 e broadway sounds like a great place's a bit too far from the subway station. Anything a bit closer?

          I am in east midtown. Maybe it's better if I go to Flushing instead.

      2. Oriental Garden on Elizabeth St. or Nam Wah on Doyers St. are good--and very different from one another.

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            very different in what ways, if i may ask...

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              OG has traditional carts and very refined and somewhat expensive choices. At Nam Wah one orders off menu and the choices are very retro. The food at both is very good, but I prefer the experience (and the choices) at OG.
              BTW, weekdays are invariably the best for dim sum; the crowds are far smaller, the food often fresher, and one sees all the oldtimer locals and hears nearly 100% Cantonese.

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                Thank you. Will try OG. Going with someone who has never had dim sum in her life. She may like the carts.

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                  I met an oldtimer local last night and he said Red Farm has the best dim sum in Chinatown and he said he thought Nom Wah has slipped since the reboot.....He actually told me I should go to some of his favorite places and drop his name to get better service and food. I asked him what his name was and he said "Chang. Tell them Mr. Chang sent you." I said "There's got to be a million Chang's, how will they know which one?". And he said "They'll know."....I think he was drunk.

                  1. re: Silverjay

                    So what's his favorite place? I will surely mention his name...nothing to lose. lol

                    1. re: Monica

                      Sorry! I meant he said Red Egg for dim sum and also that Nom Wah was initially good after the reboot and then went down.....He likes the meats at 218 Grand and he said the cheap dim sum at 40 Bowery is limited in selection, but good.

                    2. re: Silverjay

                      He is right about Nom Wah not being too good, or "slipping". But I think Red Egg has some of the worst dim sum I've had.
                      Not fresh , bad service and they even charged my credit card twice last time I was there.

                      1. re: foodwhisperer

                        Ate there once and it was pretty good. Don't mind Dim Sum GoGo either. I like the aunties pushing carts around sometimes, but those places are often dumpy and the steamed items can get gummy. And their overall quality can swing wildly from item to item and visit to visit.

              2. Ended up going to Royal seafood restaurant for dim sum. There was a long line but managed to get a table. They didn't have a lot of selection but it's probably because I went on a weekday? They also didn't have a lot of desserts which was disappointing because I really wanted tapioca dessert.
                I am begining to realize that most of these dim sum places taste pretty much the same. Not one place is much better than the others. Most of diners were local Chinese and didn't see too many westerners. Between 3 people, total bill was $25.50..with tip $30! I couldn't believe it. Next time, I think I am going stick with more popular places like Jin wait, more varieties and bigger space.

                On the way back, I bought a large bag of fresh peanuts off the street cart. I am very excited about this. Also bought some egg tarts from a Tei Pei(?) bakery. These egg tarts were my high lights of the day. Still warm, the crust was delicate and flaky, the egg custard itself was so butterly and flavorful without being overly sweet. I ate two on the spot.
                I think I am done with the food for today.

                Next friday, we might go back to the big wong king restaurant for 2 lobster special dish I saw last Friday.