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Sep 10, 2013 04:58 AM

Anything better than average to eat near St Lukes Episcopal Hospital?

Family member is there, and so are we. Don't need anything fancy -- just quick and tasty, maybe with takeout options (not for the patient, but for those standing by).

All suggestions welcome!



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  1. There are many threads here on the medical center options in general which are disappointingly few. You can search "medical center" and find some suggestions.

    But Lucille's is close by and gets good (and some bad) commentary.

    There is a Smashburger at the intersection of Main & Kirby. I like the burgers there, they are best eaten in and fresh off the griddle.

    Danton's on Montrose close to 59 has very good seafood and service.

    There are a plethora of quick and easy places on Kirby by the SW freeway, including a whole cluster of Goode Company establishments, a Houston tradition. Seafood, BBQ, Tacos, Burgers all in separate Goode Co. buildings.

    St. Luke's itself is a vast metropolitan area and has lots of places to eat.

    Sorry for your reason for being there. I wish the options for all the many people there for the same reasons were better.

    1. Food Trucks near the Med Center:

      I don't know a thing about any of them, but the reviews seem pretty good.

      Hope this helps and best wishes for your relative. They're in the best of hands.

      1. It used to be the case that CH would automatically list some similar threads on the right sidebar - either than feature has been dropped or the filters I use on my browser blocks it but Lambowner is right - search this board for Medical Center, MD Anderson, Rice U, the Village (or Rice Village) for lots of previous discussions.

        Here's a generic listing on a local user review site of places really close by:

        A lot of those are actually right in the Med Center itself as you can see from the addresses. I've been to only a handful in the neighborhood and couldn't really say any one is 'don't miss.'

        You could reset that search for 'West U' on the left sidebar which would pull up a list that would include the Village where there would be some more Chowish places.

        Here's another list from the Center itself of eateries within the bounds that wouldn't even require you to get your car or a cab.

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          Oh, yes I see that feature is missing, all I'm seeing is "Trending Now" on the right, none of which refer to this topic. Hrm.