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Sep 9, 2013 11:14 PM

Good kids cookbooks?

My granddaughter is five, an accomplished cook for her age (she did scrambled eggs for her mom's Mother's Day breakfast), and reads at Grade 2 level. I would like to find a kids' cookbook that is just enough beyond her current level to challenge her, preferably using natural, non-industrial ingredients. Suggestions?

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  1. I have heard really great things about this one from friends

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      Agree with the River Cottage suggestion. I was accidentally given the RC Family Cookbook as a gift (the giver had really meant to give me the River Cottage Cookbook), but as an adult I still make regular use of the recipes. In the introduction, the authors write "If you're around 10 - 12 years old, we reckon you'll be able to cook from it with maybe just a little adult help." It sounds like your granddaughter is advanced for her age, so on one hand this book will slant more to the "challenging" category, but on the other hand it's one of those all-round reference cookbooks that will serve her well for decades. Also, there are plenty of encouraging photos of kids making the recipes interspersed throughout.

    2. Mollie Katzen has some good ones, IMO. My niece loved "Honest Pretzel," though it says for ages 8 and up (though some other versions don't seem to have the age?).

      She also has "Pretend Soup" and the follow-up, "Salad People and More."

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        Second on the Mollie Katzen books. They have great illustrations of the steps. I like that they say when to ask an adult for help.

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          I think Pretend Soup and Salad People are meant to be for younger kids (ie., preschoolers "and up")


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            I agree with TDQ -- my kids loved those in preschool, but it sounds like Will's granddaughter already has skills beyond those books.

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              So maybe Honest Pretzels is a better fit, skill-wise.