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Sep 9, 2013 09:54 PM

new taco spot on 47th ave in sunnyside

Was driving to de mole tonight to get takeout and was somehow on the wrong avenue 47th ave instead of 48th ave spacing out driving at night..and I noticed what looked to be a new taco spot with a window in a storefront...didn't catch the name on the sign but think it was black with bright writing...rounded the corner couple blocks afterwards to get back to 48th ave to get my food..but very curious about it..anyone know the name???

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  1. This is the place:

    Please report back if you try it.

    1. The pastor was very good. I went last week after driving by daily for a year.

      The spit is right there at the grill and roasting as he made my 3 tacos for $5. Haven't had anything else but I will be checking it out again. I'm also interested in the "Pizza" place catty corner which looks to be a mexican restaurant in disguise.