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Sep 9, 2013 09:09 PM

Best Place for Dungeness Crabs

We are coming to town to catch a cruise to Alaska. However, we are coming in a couple of days early to visit the base where I was stationed in the 80's and to get some of the great local seafood. My wife really likes Dungeness crabs. We did a search on here to see where the best place to get crabs and all the threads about where to get crabs are pretty old. So where can a fella get a few Dungeness crabs now a days...oh they should be pretty good also.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Fresh cracked Dungeness crab is offered on the menu at Anthony's Pier 66 - put it is quite pricey. Or are you looking to buy cooked crabs to eat on your own?

    1. Whatever you do, go with a place that boils the live ones to order, or close to it (as opposed to the ones that get boiled earlier and get kept on ice), such a big difference.

      Any place in Chinatown doing a fresh wok cooked crab (Szechuan-style or the more common black bean sauce style) is going to be better than a lot of "seafood" places that don't.

      Jack's at the Market is a solid choice for a non-Asian prep.

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        Agree completely that Jack's Fish Spot in the Pike Place Market would be an excellent place for visitors to stop and enjoy fresh crab.

      2. Hi, ilikeNOLA:

        It's kinda touristy, but the Crab Pot on the downtown waterfront does well with a crab boil and won't break the bank. If I remember, they boil with an Old Bay-type seasoning. It's the kind of place that gives you bibs and then dumps your order (crabs plus cob corn, spuds, sausage, etc.) on the table for people to dive in.


        1. I highly recommend the Szechuan crab at Seven Stars Restaurant in the International District. (The Szechuan version, not the black bean version which is also very good.) This is as far from first date food as you can get so wear old clothes and expect to act like feral carnivores....

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            I just looked at their menu and love it! We're generally in Seattle in late August so will have to try their crab next time. Thanks for posting.

            1. re: c oliver

              Leper keeps recommending the crab at 7 Stars but I wonder if he's had it lately. I was a regular there for years and it went through more ownership and staff changes, and the last couple times I got it it was completely bland. No spice or flavor at all. We talked to the waitress and got a lame "Americans don't like spicy" kind of response. This after years of patronage. So I don't recommend them anymore, unless you think you can get through to them you can handle spice. Or, maybe they've gone through yet another ownership change and things are different again!

          2. For a nice Dungeness crab experience on a weekday Etta's Seafood has Crabby Hour from 3-5 where you could get a whole Dungeness crab with drawn butter and grilled lemon for 25 bucks [half for 15] and maybe split a crab salad or a crab cake sandwich. Tom Douglas does make a good crab cake though I tend to go more in the salad direction for the pure crab experience. I don't think this would disappoint.

            Stopping by Jack's for cioppino on your way to Etta's would be a good way to start off.