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Sep 9, 2013 08:55 PM

Taking off on the "your flaws as a cook", how about a short list of your greatest strenghts as a home cook?

Because I'm curious :)

*strengths, obvi. Urgh, what a dork I am :)

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  1. No drama... I can pull together a meal... Be it pasta, meat on the grill, pizza, tacos without a recipe, with what happens to be on hand, for who happens to show up.

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    1. re: firecooked

      Yea I also have really developed the pull-it-together skill which usually results in a great meal. I usually get inspiration from recipes but rarely if ever actually follow one. It's great that I've learned what flavor combinations go together or what new combinations might be tasty and now have more confidence to just wing it.

    2. The most basic one is I enjoy it. For me 95% of the time it's fun to cook. And kraft makes blue box for the times I don't want to really cook but must feed toddler.

      And I love the challenge. My daughter is allergic to nuts so recreating dishes with out the nuts that are equally good has been a fun project. Coming up with a fun gluten free, vegan yet omnivore friendly, nut free super bowl party keeps me motivated, cause I want to top my best. I want what I serve you next time to be better than what I served you today.

      1. Love what I'm doing.Looks and tastes wonderful.
        Pop ins are welcome.

        1. Timing is definitely a strength of mine. For as long as I can remember I had a good sense of how to get everything on the table at the same time.

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          1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

            My immediate thought when I saw the topic title.The goal (as mom once said) is "to have all the horses cross the finish line at the same time."

            I'm also good at having done as much prep in advance and having everything "mis en place." A fan of cooking shows since childhood, I always thought it so cool when Graham Kerr would have all shallots chopped, herbs minced, garlic sliced and available for immediate use in little ramekins. I'll do that for a main course, put all on a tray and be able to whip it out of the fridge to do my show. Guests love it.

            As for a once and only: I was invited to a dinner party where the host could not find the beaters to the electric hand mixer. No old fashioned egg beaters with the crank either. Whipped cream was critical to accompany my chocolate almond gateau (see "best compliment ever" thread) so, with chilled bowl and whisk, I held and insulated the bowl with a bath towel and made whipped cream by hand. Never before. Never since.They were impressed.

          2. What's in the fridge? What's in the pantry? I can almost always come up with something to eat from what I scavenge.

            I do like to follow new recipes. But most often I'm improvising.