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El Yucateco Chipotle Hot Sauce

Hello - Does anybody know where I might find El Yucateco brand Chipolte Hot Sauce? I live on the SF peninsula in the San Mateo-Redwood City-Palo Alto area. I stumbled upon a recipe for Kim Chi style salsa, and the recipe heartily suggests using El Yucateco brand. I'm sending my husband to Mi Ranch tomorrow - but with little hope. Any other ideas?

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  1. I don't remember seeing El Yucateco Chipotle Hot Sauce, but I would think Mi Pueblo Market or Chavez Market would carry it.

    I did see El Yucateco Chile Habanero at New Wing Yuan Market in Sunnyvale today.

    Are there other Chipotle hot sauce out there or just any hot sauce like Tapatio will do?

    1. I see many types of salsas--Yucateco brand but never chipotle. Must be new. They don't use a lot of chipotle in the Yucatan.

      1. Thank you, HHC. When I posted that I'm sending my husband to check Mi Rancho Market, I meant to say Mi Pueblo market. Chavez is a great idea too. Again, thank you ~

        1. It's chipotle - maybe you couldn't find it with the spelling you were using.

          here's a link to order it online. in the Mission at various mexi-marts, i've seen/purchased the green, the red, and the extra hot habanero sauces, but not the chipotle.


          1. I just bought a bottle from Chavez on 5th. They're on sale for $1.99 for a 5oz bottle.

            1. FWIW, the El Yucateco hot sauces are different from most other brands because they are NOT vinegar based.

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                And that explains why I like them.

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                  What is their base? Do they use preservatives? I know many of their sauces have neon coloring, so I usually avoid them.

                  Their one sauce that looks authentic (greyish color) I've tried. It's very very hot, good, but very hot. As a Yucatecan sauce should be.

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                    Preservatives in El Yucateco sauces are salt and 0.1% sodium benzoate. I'm not sure about the neon coloring - there's a lot of hot chilies in there. It comes out of the bottles in blobs.

                2. Haven't tried their chipotle ( I will if I see it), but their Habanero sauce (the red one) is one of the best Hab sauces I've ever tried. Killer on mac & cheese.

                  And Bufalo has a tasty chipotle sauce -- but they spell it "chilpotle". It has an orange cap.


                  1. i went to Chavez Supermarket on Tennyson Rd today, 10/14/13, & found the El Yucateco Chipotle Hot Sauce, 5floz for $2.29. The Red hot sauce is on sale for $1.79 so bought one of those too.

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                      Oh! That one. I did get a bottle, did not like it as much as others.

                      My favorite has been what their website calls the "Kutbil-ik", I believe as mentioned by hankstram. It looks grey, and used to have a bottle statement that it's supposed to look grey. It is a rather fierce sauce.

                      I have been slowly working through a bottle of their Carribean, it's not bad.

                      A bottle of that goes a very very long way, but I try to keep an extra.

                      I have never thought twice about where to find these, but I shop in a lot of mexican markets.

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                        Yes, the Kutbil-Ik or EXXXTra is the one they are really notorious for. It's pretty much the hottest hot sauce I have ever come across sitting on a restaurant table. It's a little harder to find in stores because it is so hot but I always find it in Mission corner stores.

                        I like Chipotle so I am interested in trying this new sauce of theirs, but I note from their website scoville listings that it is quite mild... milder than the pink stuff they sell.

                    2. a disturbing article about excessive lead levels in some hot sauce, including El Yucateco Chipotle.


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                        Where is the original study? That grist article is just unbearable to read it is so poorly written, and it sources OC Weekly which says "I like this hot sauce, and while the scientists didn't specify whether it's the red or green version of the sauce (and didn't even specify if it was El Yucateco to begin with)". The lead levels they are talking about would be an issue if it were in the water supply, but this is a hot sauce that will sear your face off if you eat more than a couple teaspoons.

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                          Lead levels are much more important for developing minds, so I think I'm safe.

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                            Right. There are a number of problems with how the study has been presented in the media. Here's a link to an earlier discussion on the Food Media board that points out the foibles,

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                            Here's the abstract:

                            it seems to raise questions about our assumptions about food packaging.

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                              so, i work for a firm who deals with this topic, and we should all know that everything has lead in it - EVERYTHING. everything you touch, everything you breath, some naturally occurring, a lot not. lead, amongst other things - in everything. personally, i now feel you really can't worry too much unless you want to be the boy/girl in the bubble. And that bubble has lead in it.