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Sep 9, 2013 07:34 PM

Asheville -- Restaurant Recommendation for Dinner

We are planning a trip to Asheville to celebrate our anniversary. We love this city and have had some great meals here. Curate is one of our favorites we are going to definitely repeat. We also really like the Admiral but want to stay downtown this time so we can walk. We have done Limones before-- really like but want to try something new.

Would love any recommendations. We were thinking about maybe Table or the Marketplace (new chef sounded interesting) as we like farm-to-table but open to all suggestions.

Also, the first night on our way in we thought about checking out the Bull and Beggar so if any have feedback on that please share. This night we don't have to stay in the downtown area.


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  1. I'd look at Seven Sows or Zambra. Zambra is small plates but they are not all traditional Spanish tapas like Curate - Zambra has a wide variety if small plates and the menu and ambiance is completely different from Curate. Seven Sows is excellent and is run by one of the former chefs of The Admiral that you enjoyed.

    I have not been to Bull and Beggar but have heard great things. Normally I would suggest The Junction in the RAD as well but their chef just left...too bad as he was excellent!

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed the Bull and Beggar. Ambiance is fantastic, not stuffy, and the menu, which I understands changes often, was fantastic and versatile that night.

      I'd also second miss piggy in suggesting Seven Sows and Zambra, although I have a personal preference towards Seven Sows since I love southern influenced food and the more low key atmosphere.

      Cucina 24 is creative Italian inspired fare with a great atmosphere. It's next to Marketplace on Wall St, and I'd send you there over Marketplace.

      1. Thank you so much! We'll look at these instead of MP/Table but keep with the plan for the Bull and Beggar. Definitely appreciate the recommendations.

        1. We were at Curate Sunday night and it was totally thrilling. We have been to Table and found the food terrific but the room is so dark, you can't see what you're eating. Zambra is also quite good but I don't think there's anything that compares to Curate in Asheville, maybe in all of North Carolina. It is truly that special.

          1. Admiral is stil the best restaurant in town, but there are other excellent choices in the downtown area:
            Seven Sows--neuvo southern
            Limones--neuvo Cali-Mex
            Storm Rhum Bar--neuvo American, late night, rum cocktails
            Ben's Tune Up--ramen, yakitori, people watching
            MG Road--cocktails, snacks
            Imperial Life--cocktails, snacks
            Wicked Weed--beer, pub grub