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Sep 9, 2013 06:51 PM

Macarons (French cookie) available in DC?

Coming to town for bday/anniv and would make a cool surprise for the wifey. Staying near capital but have a car can travel

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  1. Near the Capital is Sweet Lobby. Lovely selection of macarons.

    1. Also Paul near the Navy Memorial has tasty macarons, if you are over there

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        Thank you both, more suggestions are always welcome

        1. re: mentel

          I have to say, I was pretty disappointed in the quality of the macarons that I had recently from the Paul near the Mall. Perhaps it was this location, or bad timing, but they were way too chewy.

          1. re: Jason1

            And I found them much too sweet!

        2. tommygphotos--if you can't find a local bakery for the macaroons, then go to a Williams Sonoma store. They usually carry the delectable cookies--or, as I have done in the past, ordered them via their catalog. It's worth a try. Good luck. FoiGras

          1. Try Silva's patisserie in Vienna Va. The pastry chef was the chef at the Kennedy Center for a long time. Best macarons ever...

            1. Try Kafe Leopold on M St in Georgetown, or call the Dean & DeLuca also on M. D&D sells the BEST macarons by Lette through their catalog, perhaps they also stock in the store? Lette is in CA though, so they might not. The pastry chef at the old Adour restaurant in the St Regis Hotel also use to make good macarons, but they might have gotten rid of selling be the dozen when they changed over the restaurant.