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Sep 9, 2013 06:39 PM

Rock n' Roll Sushi - Any thoughts?

Has anyone been to Rock n' Roll Sushi and Noodle Bar in Teaneck? Thoughts?

I have walked in twice and ordered once. There always seems to be a long wait on noodles, 40 minutes the first time, 20 minutes the second. Ordered sushi and was extremely underwhelmed, especially for the price. $20 for one special roll, one veg roll and two pieces of nigiri.

Veg sushi was pretty bad, and spicy mayo tastes a bit vomity, yes, vomity. Special roll was not bad.

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  1. Was there last week... wasn't impressed. Sushi rice was still hot on the rolls we ordered (they were not cooked rolls - they just clearly didn't have enough rice ready for the amount of orders they were getting). The Chili noodles we ordered was basically spaghetti soaked in Heinz Chili Sauce -- hardly any spice and no distinguishable Asian flavors whatsoever.

    Might give them another shot but would much rather pay a few dollars more for Sushi Metsuyan and actually enjoy my meal.

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      What a shame. With all the buzz about ramen and other kinds of Asian noodle dishes, I've been dying to try a kosher version. Does anyone know of any place in the NY area that does anything like this?