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Sep 9, 2013 06:29 PM

Casual Italian with Good Food

Looking for a nice Italian restaurant for Friday night for three couples. We live in Morristown, Berkeley Heights, and Short Hills so something around those areas would be great. Nothing real fancy. Thanks

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  1. My votes:
    Basilico-Millburn (BYOB)
    La Pastaria-Summit (BYOB)
    Brick Oven-Westfield (BYOB)

    Pure coincidence they are all BYOB.
    Honorable mention, Mario's Tutte Bene in Union. Full bar and Karaoke on Friday nights at the bar. Might be fun with a group.

    1. Try Sette in Bernardsville- OUTSTANDING!!

      1. Il Mondo Vechio in Madiosn

        1. Thanks for the recs. I loved Basilico but they are booked, we always go to La Pastaria, it is one of our favs. And Il Mondo Vechio we go to a lot also.

          Is there anything else out there that is in our areas?

          Thanks so much!!!

          1. Portofino's in Morristown is an option. It's a great old school place that has been around forever. Never had a bad experience there. Another option may be Guerrero's also in Morristown, the food is good, though I found the place to be way to noisy to hold a decent conversation at the table the night we went. I have heard others comment on Guerrero's being quite "lively and boisterous" so if you are looking for quiet dinner conversation, it might not be the right place. Fiorino's in Summit is also a solid choice, they have really good Tuscan fare.