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Sep 9, 2013 05:19 PM

Ricotta cheesecake in Mtl

Where for a very good ricotta cheesecake in Montreal? I haven't actually tried ricotta cheesecake yet(how does it compare to other cheesecakes?). Without checking extensively, I'm only aware Les Delices Lafrenaie makes one.

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  1. Ricotta cheesecake, while hardly diet food, is much lighter than the type based on cream cheese (I MUCH prefer the ricotta variety). Often it is lemony, so a bit tart.

    Of course, it is most typically Italian. I know Pâtisserie Tillemont makes one; La Cornetteria has several ricotta treats but they don't seem to have a cheesecake or ricotta tart.

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    1. re: lagatta

      Tried the ricotta cheesecake at La Cornetteria earlier this week. Quite different than other cheesecakes I've tried.

      1. re: BLM

        Yes, they are much closer to what I've had in Italy. I hope you liked them; I checked them out, as I live a couple minutes' walk from there, but didn't buy one. Usually everything they make is very good.

        The Italian ricotta cheesecake I make at home is much simpler; you will find recipes for it everywhere, including chowhound (home cooking). More a slightly-sweet tart with ricotta, lemon, often paired with fruits in season.

    2. check them at Delices Lafrenaie, there are 3 locations

      8405 Rue Lafrenaie - St Leonard

      199F Boul. Labelle - Rosemère

      58 Boulevard Brunswick, Pointe-Claire

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      1. re: FortyMan

        I looked at the Délices Lafrenaie website, but they seemed overelaborate (too much sweet decoration on what should be a simple pastry, easily made at home). Perhaps they have plainer ones.

        I've always made that myself, and don't consider myself a "sweets" baker.

        1. re: FortyMan

          I have one Delices Lafrenaie location near-by where I live(it's actually their 4 location which you haven't listed here). Wanted to see if they're other options in Montreal-area.

        2. Also if they do sell Ricotta cheesecake, do they also have it available by the slice. That way I can at least sample, before considering getting the whole cheesecake.

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          1. re: BLM

            once I bought one at Alati, in St. Leonard - but it was with chocolate

            where is the 4th location of Lafrenaie ?

            You should check the little Italy area for more options

            1. re: FortyMan

              I'm OK with different flavours of Ricotta cheesecake. The 4th location of Lafrenaie is in Brossard on Taschereau blvd.

              1. re: FortyMan

                And Villeray, St-Michel and St-Léonard. Boulangerie et Pâtisserie Tillemont gets good reviews (I haven't been there in years, as I avoid sweets and only buy them when I have guests). It is in a northeastern corner of Villeray, almost St-Michel: 1812 Rue Tillemont Montréal, QC H2E 1C5
                (514) 727-9466

                I'll try to check out La Cornetteria, as if they do have ricotta cheesecakes, they should be good.

            2. I did stop by at La Cornetteria; indeed they have several varieties of very pretty ricotta cheesecakes. They are all square or oblong.

              They have also begun to make their own panino bread - a Tuscan type of focaccia, and also panzerotti...

              6528 St.Laurent
              Montreal, QC
              H2S 3C6
              T. (514) 277-8030

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              1. re: lagatta

                Thanks for checking at La Cornetteria. I'll check it out soon. It turns out Delices Lafrenaie doesn't carry any Ricotta cheesecakes(I just checked earlier this afternoon). Even if on Lafrenaie website, they list a Orange Ricotta Cheesecake(it's not really a cheesecake I was told).

                1. re: BLM

                  Well, I live very close to their establishment, and they are always so friendly and nice. You can have a great coffee and try a cronetto - or a more classic cornetto, which I prefer as I don't have such a sweet tooth - while you are there.

              2. As long as we're talking cheesecake, I wouldn't mind knowing where I could find a German-style, or any other type, of cheesecake made with farmer's cheese. Somewhere accessible by public transit would be best.

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                1. re: SnackHappy

                  German style cheesecake - there is le petit Munich in Pointe Claire and Suzy's bakery (15450 Boul. Pierrefonds) in Pierrefonds !

                  1. re: FortyMan

                    You're saying they have it, or it's possible they have it?

                    1. re: BLM

                      for sure they have, I already bought it at both places (for petit Munich, I didnt try the new location yet) - German style cheese cake is not the same as the North American one, its usually not done with cream cheese, its done with Quark cheese

                    2. re: FortyMan

                      Not sure if I want to shlep out to the West-Island on a bus, but thanks for the tip.