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Sep 9, 2013 04:12 PM

A place to watch football with great "chow worthy" food...

What are you favorites?

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  1. Cover 3 & Cover 2.
    Lavaca St. Bar has a dive bar feel but the food at Turf & Surf is pretty darn good.

    1. Seconded.

      Cover 2. BEST fish tacos ever. Fast courteous service.

      If they only had a few more TVs it would be great.
      Kidding. They have a million TVs ranging from huge to large.

      I like the lighter wood ambience of Cover 2 vs Cover 3.

      1. I hope it's something other than UT football :-(

        +1 for the Cover 2 or 3 joints. If you're up for tex mex you could do much worse than sitting at the cute little bar at Mi Madres and eat what probably is the best carne guisada in town. no house made tortillas though. very peppery good red salsa and the green salsa (you have to ask for it) is a fiery treat. I am sure too that Bartlett's would be showing the game or would turn it over if not. Their fresh fish entrees or sandwiches, french dip, hamburgers, shoestring fries, fried chicken salads are consistently first rate. Good service too. Sit at the bar close to the TV and enjoy.

        1. Third base has decent appetizers and a really fun atmosphere. Tons of TVs with different games.

          Red's porch has fantastic hamburgers, great atmosphere and washer pits outside (with full service) if your team is losing.

          1. Drink. Well. and Hopfields if you just need one screen (like for a UT game).