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Sep 9, 2013 03:47 PM

Yoma in allston?

Was there the other day and pleasantly surprised but also overwhelmed by the novelty. Menu seems to have changed since last reviews I think. Any suggestions? The chicken curry i had was good, the soup not so much.

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  1. You had a chicken curry? Recent reports said that they had gone vegetarian.

    1. I walked in a few days ago specifically to look at the menu. All vegan and vegetarian except for shrimp dumplings.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        weird, maybe there was a holiday?

        1. re: fara

          I called to order take out a couple of weeks ago, but they did not have many of the dishes on the online menu and seemed to be offering largely vegetarian options. For example, they were not making pork MeeShay but did have it with tofu.

      2. I was just there this past weekend. Lots of meat and shrimp options, plus vegetarian.

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        1. re: fara

          I'm confused, as I had asked the owners about the menu change in person, and they confirmed their decision to go in an almost entirely vegetarian direction. This was on Aug 25; I reported it here the next day, and mentioned it in my Improper Bostonian review of its vegan neighbor Root.

          Is it possible they a had a change of heart in response to a largely negative public reaction?

          1. re: fara

            that is strange. a group of us were there a few weeks ago. they had just reopened with an exclusively vegetarian menu. many of the traditional burmese dishes (ex: mohingha) were gone and the quality of the food had gone downhill

            1. re: galangatron

              Maybe it will be helpful to everyone if I tell you when I went- this past Saturday for lunch. Same menu as what's online was given to me. Interesting. Maybe they switched chefs and now he's back, you can always ask them.

          2. Went tonight for my first visit since the renovation/reboot and am disappointed. I'd have been happier if they had gone all-vegetarian (the much shorter menu has chicken and shrimp dishes but no more pork or beef) but retained more of the distinctive seasonings. Instead the flavors are now kinda flat.

            The main seasoning change I noticed was the absence of cilantro and shallots in dishes that used to have them, such as the Burmese tofu salad. That's at least still using chickpea tofu but they've also seemed to cut back on the cabbage and garlic.

            The ohn no khao swe is now just coconut curry chicken noodle soup; not quite down to a Campbell's version, more as if it were made by Progresso. Again, no cilantro or shallots, no lime for garnish, and I didn't see any of the pickles I remember from before. Time to hit Thai North (or even Rod Dee) for khao soi instead.

            The Rainbow 23 noodles had the most lively flavor mix of the meal but seemed to rely more on chili than bright or floral notes. I think if I'd never had Burmese food before I'd find it okay, but compared to last year (or to Burma Superstar in SF) I'd rate it, as my old mushroom guidebook used to say, "edible but not choice."

            I wanted to take pictures of the new menu but it's printed it on green paper and thus too dark for my flashless phone. The current take-out menu doesn't quite match up, and annoyingly the website still features the old menus.

            The renovation itself has replaced half the seating space with a counter for the register, drinks, and ice cream. What seating remains feels cramped. That was quite full tonight so perhaps they're reading their local clientele's tastes correctly; a vegetarian friend who doesn't like spicy food is still happy with the place. Sadly, for me it looks like YoMa (unlike, say, S&I Thai) isn't worth the Allston parking hassle any more.