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Sep 9, 2013 03:24 PM

Napa Wine Train

My husband and I will be in Napa from Wed 9/18 through Sun 9/22. Our 22 year old daughter will be joining us on Sat and Sun. We are looking for high quality food with fresh ingredients. My husband is a lover of vintage trains! Is the Napa Wine Train worth the price? If so, should we do lunch or dinner? I love the idea of lunch and a train ride through Napa, but I don't want to waste the day if it's not amazing. I would appreciate any input.

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  1. I don't know what time dinner is but there's nothing to see once it is dark (e.g. after 7ish).

    I am no lover of vintage trains, so with that in mind. I've been on the wine train once for lunch a few years ago. You can't see much from the train.

    The food is mediocre (think work conference banquet food), the staff are friendly, the wine car is fun and you can taste some interesting wines there.

    I'd never do it again - but for a somewhat local - it was fun to try once. We went to Frog's Leap winery after and that was much more our speed.

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      I did lunch once, several years ago. I "won" a gift certificate. The train itself is nice but for the prices they charge, the meal is, as goldangl95 said, mediocre.

      The train just runs up and down the same track on the valley floor, mostly parallel to Highway 29, so you don't get to see any views that you wouldn't be able to see while driving. During the train ride, the first group of passengers are served lunch and the other half ride in a lounge car. When the train reaches the end of the line, the second group gets seated in the dining car and the first move to the lounge. From their web site it looks like they are charging about about $100 pp for lunch, this only includes one glass of wine. Anything else you might want to order is on top of that.

      Like others have said, not worth it, given the many other dining opportunities.

      1. i heard the food was bad. like sysco bad.

        1. Thank you to all for your thoughts. You just saved me a lot of money!