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Bloody Mary?

Can anyone recommend somewhere to get a good Bloody Mary? Thanks!

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  1. My husband liked it from locande Verde.

    1. Just Manhattan or outer borough also?

      The bloody at Side Car in Park Slope/South Slope was really good. (Food was, too.)

      1. Prune. Seperate bloody mary menu with about ten different kinds

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          Had a bloody derby (bourbon) a little while back. It was nice.

        2. North End Grill. Especially their scotch one.

            1. I like Breslin and Spotted Pig. Same chef/owners so don't know if same recipe, Doubt it though.

              1. Wow thanks so much! I'll check out the locations and see which ones will work for us. Can't wait!

                1. I like the bloody Mary at Tangled Vine on Amsterdam in the 80s, but I was last there a while ago.

                  1. JG Melon's, made with lemon juice and Worcestershire and a dash of Tabasco. Gordon's gin martini available also as well as a great burger (cash only)

                    1. I had a few at The Beekman Pub yesterday and they were excellent.


                      1. Joseph Leonards - there signature Bloody Mary comes with a beer back (small beer chaser) *west village*

                        Spotted Pig - excellent bloody mary *west village*

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                          That reminds me - Montmartre's is great and comes with a little beer too. And fun garnishes.

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                            I believe all Little Wisco restaurants serve their bloody mary with a beer chaser (usually an IPA as I've found). So Perla, Joseph Leonard, Montmartre, John Dory...)

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                              I think you mean Joseph Leonard? John Dory isn't a Little Wisco joint?

                              It's definitely a Wisconsin thing, the beer chaser.

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                                Yes, Joseph Leonard is a part of the Little Wisco family - by Gabe Stulman.

                        2. The Dutch has a good signature bloody, complete with pickles and chorizo on a stick.