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Sep 9, 2013 02:44 PM

Burgers on eastside?

I drew a total blank this weekend trying to think of a place other than Umami to get a decent in burger in the Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park area. I've heard Hyperion Public's is good, despite all of the other underwhelming reviews that have kept me from trying it. Barbrix $8 burger after 10pm is good, but sometimes I want to eat before 10pm. Any ideas?

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  1. Fix Burger on Hyperion, just south of Hyperion Public.

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    1. re: TripleAxel

      I second this. Best burger I've had in LA. Hyperion Public isn't bad, but not spectacular IMO. I also frequent juicy burger often, but more for their super starchy fries than for their burgers.

      1. The York on York (Highland Park) churns out a great burger!

        1. Fusion Burger in Highland Park isnt too far away.

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          1. re: Johnny L

            Really enjoyed Fusion's burger when I was there. Need to get back there soon.

          2. Jay's Bar - in the mini-mall where Garage Pizza is located (and owned by the same folks) - has a solid burger and fantastic fries. Their poutine is a gut bomb but is really tasty as well.

            Second Fusion Buger, which is basically an Umami clone.

            I find that The Fix overcharges and under-delivers.

            And lest we forget Yuca's... easily one of the tastiest burgers in the city!

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            1. re: JeMange

              If Fusion Burger is in the mix we might as well stir Slater's 50/50 Burger in Pasadena into the stew too.