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Burgers on eastside?

I drew a total blank this weekend trying to think of a place other than Umami to get a decent in burger in the Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park area. I've heard Hyperion Public's is good, despite all of the other underwhelming reviews that have kept me from trying it. Barbrix $8 burger after 10pm is good, but sometimes I want to eat before 10pm. Any ideas?

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  1. Fix Burger on Hyperion, just south of Hyperion Public.

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      I second this. Best burger I've had in LA. Hyperion Public isn't bad, but not spectacular IMO. I also frequent juicy burger often, but more for their super starchy fries than for their burgers.

      1. The York on York (Highland Park) churns out a great burger!

        1. Fusion Burger in Highland Park isnt too far away.

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          1. re: Johnny L

            Really enjoyed Fusion's burger when I was there. Need to get back there soon.

          2. Jay's Bar - in the mini-mall where Garage Pizza is located (and owned by the same folks) - has a solid burger and fantastic fries. Their poutine is a gut bomb but is really tasty as well.

            Second Fusion Buger, which is basically an Umami clone.

            I find that The Fix overcharges and under-delivers.

            And lest we forget Yuca's... easily one of the tastiest burgers in the city!

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              If Fusion Burger is in the mix we might as well stir Slater's 50/50 Burger http://www.slaters5050.com/ in Pasadena into the stew too.

            2. the burgers at oinkster were always pretty darn good.

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                I think the quality of the oinkster burger has gone way down hill. I stopped ordering them when they went to machine-formed patties.

                At first, I actually complained about the machine formed patties. They were kind enough to reply that they had heard from their customers and were switching back. That lasted all of a few weeks.


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                  well its been a coupla years since ive been. they used to be good.

              2. The Park on lower Sunset Blvd has great burgers and at reasonable prices. Everything else on the menu is quite good as well. The owner, Josh, is a self taught chef. His star is on the rise.

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                  +1 on their burger.
                  They used to do a $5 burger on Wednesdays IIRC. I don't know if they still do it, but it was a solid value. I think The Park is a solid neighborhood joint, but that's about it.

                  1. re: andytseng

                    Josh still has the wednesday burger deal. i agree that The Park is a solid neighborhood deal. I think Josh is going to be a fine chef in the near future.

                2. Fatburger for a decent chain burger right up the street from Umami.

                  1. Venturing a little further out, is Taylor's burger any good? FWIW, Comme Ca is probably my favorite burger in LA, would love to find something along those lines...

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                      Yes, Taylor's has an excellent burger. I forgot about them. You can dine in or take out.

                      1. re: cujo

                        I have been a big fan of Taylor's for decades. But I think the burger they serve is the one item that is pretty wretched. I've given them 3 tries and each time the burger patty had an awful off-taste.

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                          That's odd. They grind their own blend. If you like their steaks, you should like their burgers, too. It's the same meat.

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                        If you're willing to go out to Taylor's, might as well then just go to Golden State.

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                          The OP lives in the los feliz/silver lake area and wants a place close by. Golden State is on Fairfax. Taylor's is off Normandie, which is very close by,

                      3. JeMange...amen. Its hipness quotient has seemingly elapsed, but I'd still take a Yuca's burger (or two) over any of the overpriced "nu-burgers" around. Or just get one, and get a taco de cochinita pibil. You win either way.

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                            It certainly can be an answer, but at other times I like to sit down, have table service and choose from a plethora of beers to wash down my burger.

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                            Is Yuca's on Hollywood and Vermont? Isn't that a Mexican restaurant?

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                              The original Yuca is on Hillhurst above Franklin.

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                                The fact that it is a Mexican restaurant makes its burgers all that much better.

                                My previous explanation here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8923...

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                                  I've never had a burger from the newer location. I'm talking about the stand on Hillhurst.

                                  I usually opt for the double cheese - in fact, I'm going to have one for lunch - lots of black pepper and ideal char from the most perfectly seasoned flattop in LA.

                              2. The Bucket on Eagle Rock Blvd has been there 70+ years I believe. Very tasty burger. Other good choices are Astro Coffee Shop on Fletcher & Glendale, the York, Fusion, Home.

                                IMHO tho, the best burger value is Gary Bric's Ramp in Burbank by the airport.

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                                  The Bucket was sold some years ago. Is it still the same recipe? For a fast food chain in the area, I agree Astro on Fletcher is the best one.

                                  1. re: cujo

                                    Not to quibble (especially since we're in agreement), but I wouldn't say the Astro is part of a fast food chain. It's a coffee house (housed in one of the original Conran's), and has no relation to the Astro Burgers in Weho.

                                    As for the Bucket, it's been sold a number of times over the last 20 years, the last being 4 or 5 years ago. The current owners seemed to have made a go of it.

                                    I wasn't around 70 years ago, but from what I remember, the menu is the same from when I first went 15 years ago, and which I was told, dated back to Julio's time. So yes, it's the same tiny grill, and the same home-made thick sliced potato chips, with some new (but not too many) additions.

                                    1. re: Briggs

                                      If the Astro Burger locations are unrelated, how do they get to use the same name without a lawsuit? Strange.
                                      I do remember Julio, the original owner of The Bucket Nice man. The place did a booming business with Occi college students

                                      1. re: cujo

                                        The answer is because they're not all called Astro Burger.

                                        The one on Fletcher - which was referenced above - is Astro Family Restaurant, which I believe is owned by the same people that own Jan's Family Restaurant - one daughter was named Jan, the other had "Astro" for a nickname.

                                        The Astro Burger restaurants in Hollywood and WeHo are not connected to Astro Family Restaurant.

                                        1. re: JeMange

                                          THanks for explaining this. Jan's has a very ngood burger, too.

                                2. I lived in Atwater for 3 years, and I must say you have me stumped too!

                                  1. I haven't been for quite a while, but I had a really nice burger at Little Dom's and Cafe Stella.

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                                      Cafe Stella does have a solid burger but I think it's close to $17 if not more. Also, you used to have to sit at the bar to order it. Not sure if that rule still stands given their not-so-recent expansion.

                                    2. Re: the area you're describing (Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park), I like Oinkster.

                                      But, just a quick clarification re: nomenclature


                                      Mr Taster

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                                        Nice resource, although there is plenty to debate. For example, IIRC I've seen city signs for South Park not far from Hygge Bakery (where I haven't been since the original baker left), much further north than the map delineates. I've definitely seen/heard that part of LA referred to as South Park by locals and in local papers.

                                        Part of the Eastside/Westside debate stems from some people not considering there could be something in between. I think a lot of people think of anything east of Hollywood (or even anything that isn't the Westside, whatever that may be) as the Eastside.

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                                          Imagine if you lived at Avalon on Catalina...Santa Monica would be the east side.

                                      2. I've heard the burger at Storefront is good, but, I've yet to try it. I know it's a little further east, but, The Spice Table has a decent burger.

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                                          Storefront is, sadly, no more. I miss it everyday. Anybody know what happened there?

                                        2. The burger at Golden Road Brewery on the outskirts of Atwater Village is delicious.

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                                          1. re: chinchi

                                            Yes to the burgers. Great atmosphere and very good beer.

                                          2. I agree with the recs for The Fix Burger.

                                            Also, Troy Burger serves up a very decent burger and some tasty fries. The burger goes for about $3. It's on York Blvd. in Highland Park,

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                                            1. re: Sam D.

                                              Yup, The Fix. Excellent burgers with no pretentiousness. The buns are really the only let-down here, dissolved by the juicy patties. Self serve pickles and chilis are a great bonus, though.

                                            2. a little further west but not by much, Oaks Gourmet right by the Gelson's on Franklin does one of the best burgers in the city imo. They also carry a lot of interesting beers and wines as well as an excellent cheese selection.