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Sep 9, 2013 02:35 PM

50th B-Day

I'm coming to NOLA at beginning of December for my 50th celebration, staying in the Garden District...any ideas on where to go and what to do that will make the day memorable?

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  1. You are going to have to provide a few more details or likes/dislikes.

    Getting your photo on TV news doing the perp walk would be a pretty memorable 50th (and I've known a few 5oths that got close ;-) ) but I'm sure that's not what you had in mind.

    Will it be dress up? How large a group? Just food? Or also good cocktails.

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      LOL...I have been to NOLA a few times but the last being for my 40th b-day...I like everything and anything, mostly music, seafood, cocktails, Jackson Square, been on vampire hunts, had my palm read and tarot card name it...I'm open for anything. I'm coming with my two sisters..

      1. re: juliarose

        Since you have done many of the things in Group A there are a couple Group B things that may be fun.

        Take a ride on the NATCHEZ. Seeing the city from the river is interesting. Eating the onboard food is optional.
        It is too late in the year for good swamp touring. Gators are burrowing and there is not much colorful vegetation. But the floiage is thinner so migratory bird watching can be better.

        Think about dinner at Ralph's on the Park along with a drive or walk tour of the lights in City Park. Maybe start with a tour at the museum before dinner. The Gordon Parks exhibit should be good.

        For something different, if you have the time, is to head out of town. Lunch at Middendorfs and a drive though the country towns of Covington, Madisonville and old Mandeville.

        Then there is back to the tried and true, a night on Frenchman Street, and afternoon on Magazine Street, and choosing among all the new restaurants and bars (do a search here as there have been some great posts in the last few months)

        1. re: collardman

          Hi I actually did the Natchez cruise on my 40th and thought it was more for when I turn 80 LOL....I also did the swamp tour when I was in for a Bears/Saints game. I am staying in the Garden District which is way different since I usually stay in the FQ...I saw that there is Zydeco music (my favorite) at a bowling alley...have you ever been? What bars on Frenchman play zydeco?

          1. re: juliarose

            Unlikely to be any zydeco on Frenchmen, but check the listings in the Offbeat closer to time. The bowling alley you refer to is Rock & Bowl. They have several zydeco bands that play there including Rockin' Dopsie Jr., Curley Taylor, Leroy Thomas, etc. etc. Again, check the schedule online.

    2. Here's an idea of what goes on in NOLA in December:

      Hope your celebration is memorable. I would definitely go to Commander's for lunch or dinner while in town. Any of John Besh's restaurants will serve up a delicious meal. Drinks and appetizers at the Hermes Bar in Antoines. A street car ride down St. Charles with a stop at The Columns for cocktails. Drive through City Park and see Christmas in the Oaks. Angelo Brocatto's in mid city for dessert after lunch.

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      1. re: TaTee

        Thank you for all the info! Do you recommend a carriage ride though City Park to see the Oaks?

      2. Unfortunately the carriage rides have not resumed for this celebration., but do take a carriage ride in the FQ.

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          TaTee I am coming in late November so this is very helpful info about the Celebration in the Oaks, thanks!

          I don't know about OP, but I am going to check out either 1850 House Creole Christmas @ 523 St. Ann Street (800) 568-6968 or Beauregard-Keyes House @ 1113 Chartres Street to see if I can squeeze in a holiday home tour.

        2. Commanders Palace is special for Sunday brunch, ask for the garden room. The food is wonderful and the staff is wonderful. Enjoy!