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Sep 9, 2013 01:47 PM

Help me identify and cook this squash!

Hi all- as part of my farmshare this week, we received a winter squash. Ordinarily they walk you through the basket and tell you what you received- for some reason they didn't do that this week and I have no idea what the heck this is. It was hiding under the huge head of lettuce otherwise I would have asked when I picked it up. I think it is either a buttercup or carnival squash (thanks google!). It is shaped like a small pumpkin (sugar pumpkin size) and is green with yellowish white striations.

So, any cooking advice/recipes? I was thinking of cubing and roasting it with some cayenne pepper next weekend or maybe makding a soup. But, perhaps these types lend themselves to a better/different cooking method?

Any advice is appreciated.

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  1. do u have a picture of the squash?

    1. When in doubt for squashes of that kind, halve, take out seeds, fill hollow with brown sugar, butter, maple syrup. Roast. :)

      1. Post a photo!

        I'm in the San Francisco area and we see a lot of Asian squashes, like kabocha

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          I was thinking she described a kabocha. They are getting to be very popular. Too bad I'm out of town for work, I could have taken a picture of the couple on my counter!

        2. Google kabocha squash.

          1. I just harvested almost a dozen Carnival squash, from 6 inch monsters to 3 inch babies. The multicolored rind does have a carnival-like look. They are my favorite Acorn squash variety.