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Help me identify and cook this squash!

Hi all- as part of my farmshare this week, we received a winter squash. Ordinarily they walk you through the basket and tell you what you received- for some reason they didn't do that this week and I have no idea what the heck this is. It was hiding under the huge head of lettuce otherwise I would have asked when I picked it up. I think it is either a buttercup or carnival squash (thanks google!). It is shaped like a small pumpkin (sugar pumpkin size) and is green with yellowish white striations.

So, any cooking advice/recipes? I was thinking of cubing and roasting it with some cayenne pepper next weekend or maybe makding a soup. But, perhaps these types lend themselves to a better/different cooking method?

Any advice is appreciated.

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  1. do u have a picture of the squash?

    1. When in doubt for squashes of that kind, halve, take out seeds, fill hollow with brown sugar, butter, maple syrup. Roast. :)

      1. Post a photo!

        I'm in the San Francisco area and we see a lot of Asian squashes, like kabocha http://berryripe.com/wp-content/uploa...

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          I was thinking she described a kabocha. They are getting to be very popular. Too bad I'm out of town for work, I could have taken a picture of the couple on my counter!

        2. Google kabocha squash.

          1. I just harvested almost a dozen Carnival squash, from 6 inch monsters to 3 inch babies. The multicolored rind does have a carnival-like look. They are my favorite Acorn squash variety.

            1. My favorite way is to split in half, scoop out seeds and roast, if it is a buttercup squash the skin may be thin enough to eat so scrub the outside well before cooking.

              I love to serve a roasted half filled with a quinoa/veggies/bean mix, and basalmic butter drizzle. Also great the next day as leftovers.

              1. sorry. here are a few pics of it. I think it is a carnival squash, based on DonShirer's pics....

                1. Winter squash - you can't go wrong halving and eviscerating it, then baking cut side down 350-375F (a little water on the baking sheet) until almost done, then turn cut side up, brush with butter, add brown sugar or maple syrup, and bake until edges are golden-brown.

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                    I bake it like that, but skip the brown sugar/maple syrup. I mash it and serve with butter, salt and pepper (I've never been a fan of adding sweet ingredients to squash or sweet potatoes unless it's for a dessert).

                  2. I like to stuff carnivals with rice and nuts, maybe some dried fruit.

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                      Yeah, sounds perfect for filling. If you have way too much time on your hands:
                      Halve and roast squashes by themselves, with oil, salt and pepper. Meanwhile make a filling with roasted, peeled and seeded poblanos, sauteed onion, and roasted corn. Cheese and herbs to taste. Fill and bake a second time to melt cheese and heat filling through.

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                        ohhhh. SweetTooth that sounds GOOD!!!! I am way more of a savory person than a sweet person, so that is right up my alley. And, I got 6 ears of corn last week in my share, and am anticipating another 6 this week!!!! I may have a hunk of manchego in the fridge...that would be perfect....mmmmmm

                    2. I am a squash-a-holic so...

                      First peel, cube, and roast it with oil, salt and pepper, then:
                      Soup, sweet with coconut milk and fall fruits or savory with chicken broth and herbs
                      Flan with some nuts and cheese on top
                      Hash with chicken apple sausage and red bell pepper
                      Casserole, like sweet potato or like a breakfast scramble with sausage and cheese
                      Pie, like pumpkin
                      Quick bread or muffins, like zucchini
                      Cake, like carrot

                      If all else fails, just stuff it with whatever you have on hand--rice or stale bread, some cream, cheese, bacon, garlic, sage or thyme and bake forever (this is why I prefer to peel and cube--goes much faster).
                      Or apricot preserves (or orange, peach, fig, whatever-you-have-in-fridge-except-maybe-berry-because-I-haven't-tried-that-yet), coconut flakes, pecans, cardamom and ginger, salt and pepper, and butter. Fantastic!

                      Oh! And have fun!

                      P.S. I have even recently come across a recipe for "Halloween Waffles" that involves grating the squash, adding it along with diced apple, chopped pecans, maple syrup and fall spices into the waffle batter and serving with applesauce or pumpkin or maple butter. I actually am really excited about trying it...

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                        Thanks! these are great suggestions. The hash sounds like a great idea and I have some chicken apple sausage in the fridge.
                        I get what you mean about being a squash-a-hoilic! I am an eggplant-a-holic!

                      2. I like to curry the squash of any kind... either Thai or Indian style Never fail.

                        Or, make dessert - by cooking in coconut milk and brown sugar. Another idea for dessert: cut in half, throw the seeds and steam with a sprinkle of salt. Then, stuff with coconut-brown sugar agar-agar jelly and cool in fridge. After it's all set, cut through the striations and serve with whipped cream or ice cream for a delicious desert....